Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Photos

I had the boys Easter Picture taken before Leo Carrillo, but forgot to post it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blog Design

So today I attempted to create my own blog design. It was a little difficult getting it to fit, but it turned out okay.

Leo Carrillo & Easter

Okay, so bare with me, there are a lot photos. We spent 2 weekends and a whole week camping at Leo Carrillo with our family and friends. We had a lot of fun expect for the part of Wyatt teething and long nights with no sleep. There weather was great for the most part, we got 2 days of a little rain on and off. The boys both loved being on the beach playing in the sand and water. Anyways, the photos basically describe the trip.

The Whole Family

Bradley & Hunter

Our friends Casey, Jennifer, & Blair (Jennifer is the mom) aren't they beautiful girls!


Grandma Peterson & Wyatt
Wyatt, Gma Sandi, cousin Molly

Wyatt & Justin Golledge

Uncle Morgan & Wyatt

He takes after his Dad.


My brother Jeff

Tyson & Jeff

Molly & Wyatt

Morgan buried his daughter Molly and she wasn't to happy about it.

Cousin Caroline & Hunter

Bradly & Matt

Wyatt loves to put Hunter's helmet on.

Hunter sitting on the sand car that Justin built.

Molly & Wyatt loved playing with the bucket of water.

The tree that fell on Cassandra and Thomas' tent.

Playing BINGO

The boys the went hiking up the creek (Tyson is missing).

Ready for bed (ya right!)

Bath time.

Wyatt & Bradley

Nothing like dumping sand on Dad.

Dying Eggs

Easter Morning

Last day to go hiking up the creek.