Saturday, June 27, 2009

King of the Mountain.

While my grandma was watching Wyatt for me, she let him outside and he went for the big mound of dirt/compost pile. He climbed to the top, eating a little on his way up, and stood up and claimed King of the Mountain.

Wyatt Opening the Door

I posted a picture of Wyatt opening the door, but here is the video clip of him doing it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day

On Fathers Day we went to Tyson's parents house and had a wonderful dinner of ham, cheesy potato's, salad, and tons of other yummy food, not to mention, PIE.
The Proud Fathers
Grandpa Great, Tyson, Grandpa Ken, & Morgan
The dad's with their kids, Ken was to big for Grandpa Great to hold, so Ken held Hunter
Grandpa Ken & Molly

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quads, Bikes, Snake, Oh My!

Tyson took Hunter and his friends Bradley and Brian out to his parents house the other day to ride dirt bikes and quads. (Bradley and Brian are both really sweet boys, and are really nice to play with Hunter since they are 11 and he is 4, too bad there are not more people like these too boys in the world). While they were there they found a California King Snake, of course Hunter wanted to keep it as a pet, but that was a NO. They roasted hot dags out on the fire pit too. Hunter got so so so dirty out there it was gross, the shower water was so brown and his finger nails were just caked with dirt under them, thank goodness for finger nail trimmers, showers and soap. They had a great time.
Bradley, Brian & Hunter
Hunter riding the quad
Hunter with the snake, can you see all the dirt, and this isn't even the end of the day.
Bradley with the snake
the boys


Tyson lowered the basketball hoop in the backyard, and this whole past week Hunter is out there playing. He is pretty good.

My name is Mr. Trouble

Oh, I just love this little rascal! He just has to go go go. It seems like everyday he his learning or discovering something new, something to get into. Bu how can you get mad at the stinker when he gives you a big smile when you tell him no.
Discovered the door handle, needless to say we are now using the upper latch and lock.
Under the glass table, that he keeps taking the bars off.
In the lower portion of your produce stand.

If you're happy and you know it . . . Scream!

Here is a video clip of Wyatt getting excited about a baseball.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Under the weather

The boys and I have not been feeling well the past two days. We have been laying on the floor watching Baby Einstein & Go Diego Go. Wyatt got another tooth too! yeah!

Mall Fun

When I took Wyatt to the mall the first time to get his 9 month old picture taken (he didn't smile, so went went back the next day), I let the boys run around the play place in the mall. They had a great time climbing on all the cars.
Hunter showing Wyatt how to use the steering wheel.
Wyatt looking for some hot chicks to take a ride.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Buzz Worthy

Wyatt caught an alive bee in the house, put it in his mouth, and tried to eat it, it then stung him on his tongue. I had to use a pair of tweezers to pull it out while he was screaming. Hunter hid in the bathroom because he didn’t like seeing Wyatt hurt. He didn’t have any reaction other than a little bump on his tongue. Poor little guy.
The Bee & The Stinger

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More on the Life of Wyatt

Watching Baby Einstein from a bad angle.
Climbing of course
Big Cheese
Sticking his tongue out
More of his tongue

Library & Hats

On Monday went to the library and signed Hunter up for the reading summer program. While we were there getting books, Hunter discovered the tub full of hats, and of course had to try them on, not just on himself, but on Wyatt as well.
My Cowboys

Arrgghhh!!! My Pirates

On Safari
My knights in shinning armor

My fireman
My construction worker
And of course he had to give it a little taste.

Floor Potato

Wyatt will get glued on the TV if Baby Einstein is on. It is GREAT!! Not saying that TV is a good baby-sitter, but wait, what am I saying, it is a GREAT babysitter!

Life of Wyatt

Crawl, climb, stand, walk, destroy the house.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Horsey Love

Wyatt loves horses! He gets so excited, and is always trying to give them kisses.

Carrot Anyone???

Wyatt was enjoying this carrot that was dipped in ranch.


Grandpa Ken's & Grandma Sandi's

Yesterday we went to Tyson's parents house to visit Tyson's cousins and watch the Laker game. Grandpa Great thought it was time for a new trampoline, so we had fun testing it out. Grandma and Laura made a yummy dinner, and strawberry short cake for dessert. We always have a great time when we get together with the family.
Wyatt doing fish kisses
Hunter and Chase
Aunt Holli & Uncle Tyler & Wyatt on the new trampoline

Having fun
Wyatt loves to watch the Lakers, and tries to grab the score bar on the bottom of the TV
Who me??
He was having fun sticking our his tongue
Attack of the Wyatt