Friday, March 29, 2013

6 Months Old (February)

I know it is almost March, but I haven't had any time to blog, but I did try to still take pictures of the kiddos. In February Dustin was 6 Months old, so I did find time between school and kids to do a "very quick" photo shot. Dustin is growing so fast. He is usually very happy and ALWAYS  smiling. He is such a joy and blessing to our lives.


February came and gone fast.  School was in full swing of things and I had no life other than school and taking care of the family.  Hunter earned his Wolf badge for boy scouts this month, he loves boy scouts.  The boys had a fun Valentines Day, we started it off with pink heart shaped pancakes, and then they both had parties are school.  I love watching them go through their Valentines. Dustin is growing fast and is now 6 months old.  Tyson and Hunter finished up their snowboarding passes this month; Hunter is a natural and was so amazing to watch.  Hunter also played basketball, which he missed a few of the games due to snowboarding. He is an awesome athlete.  Wyatt our crazy kid keeps me on my toes, especially when he tries to help take care of Dustin.

Hunter and Tyson built this for Hunter's wood work segment for cub scouts

Receiving his Wolf Badge

Monday, March 25, 2013

Boys' Valentine Cards

This one was a fun one for the boys. We made a slit at the tops of their light sabers and slid a glow stick through. They thought they were pretty cool.

January FHE

For one of our FHE in January we went to the high school at the end of our street to go night sledding.  The lights in the school parking lot, and around the school light it just perfectly. Wyatt loved riding on Tyson's back, especially when we would have a race.  Dustin and I hung out in the car half of the time since it was so cold out, and started snowing on us.

Hunter practicing snowboarding

Family Snowboarding at Magic Mountain

Tyson bought he and Hunter a 4 pack a lift tickets for real cheap through our park and rec. Since Wyatt is under 6 he gets to snowboard for free.  I got to go this time cause Tyson had fallen at work a couple days earlier and has a separated should (so I used his lift ticket).  It has been about 2 years since the last time I went snowboarding, and I forgot how much I LOVE it! I spent half the day with Hunter and Aunt McKenzie (Tyson's youngest sister) going down the mountain, while Tyson taught Wyatt on the bunny slope. This was only Hunter's second time and he was AMAZING! He could make it down the mountain all in one run without stopping. It was sooooo much fun.

It looks as if he's going to fall, but nope, he's a pro.