Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well's Family Reunion

This year we were able to go to our family reunion. We drove a little over 2,000 miles and only used 3/4 a tank of gas, the rest was all vegetable oil., which saved a ton of money. On our way to Wyoming we stopped in Utah to say hi to family and stay the night at my sister. We were in Wyoming for a week having fun with the family and doing a lot of fishing. There are a ton of pictures so enjoy.
Hunter Tyson & Cousin Noah with their fish
Wyatt just loves the fish
Singing 5 little monkeys
Having lunch
Wyatt wanting to join in on the fun
Playing a game with all the kids
Wyatt after his big fall with a fat nose and busted lip.
Playing volleyball
Questions being asked at grandma and grandpa's 80th birthday party.
Poor face
Cooking the fish
Our family with Grandpa and Grandma Great
Zoe, Hunter, Tyson and Wyatt playing in the stream
Cheese, now can we go back to fishing!
Wyatt loved the fish, and loved to give it kisses too.
I'm gonna get it!
More fishing success
If I squeeze it really hard, I can make this red stuff come out of it.
Hunter and his fish
This was our dinner
Colton and Hunter playing games
The girls playing games
More fishing
Campfire fun
Cousin Blake come home from his mission in England, and everyone picked him up at the airport in Idaho Falls. It was great to see him again.
All the horns in Jackson Hole Wyoming
Wyatt not liking trying on hats
Bar J Chuckwagoon dinner and entertainment
Noah, Hunter, and Uncle Kelly
Uncle Brandon & Hunter
Hunter and I
Our Family
The Smith Family
Roy & Amber's Family
Uncle Brandon & his boys
Colton & Hunter
Jaxton & Grandma Great
These guys at Bar J were amazing!!!
More fishing of course
Noah and his success
I believe Hunter took this picture of Tyson big fish
Grandma Sandi and her fish
Colton, Hunter and Archer
Tyson, Parker, & Noah
Just hanging out
Parker and Jaxton
Clint and Zoe
Love the Pepsi
no, it's not blood, it's licoric.
Yeah for dinner
The boys and their sling shots
Hunter with his moose sling shot
Wyatt playing the golf game
Wyatt just loved Uncle Kelly
Uncle Brandon took Hunter for a motorcycle ride
Tyson, Wyatt, Masie, and Nick.
Wyatt and Grandpa Ken looking at the horses
Wyatt loved the horses, and did NOT want to get off, he threw a fit!
Ready for a ride
Tyson and I
Tyson and Wyatt
Wyatt climbing up the stove to to get dad's pepsi
The start of his black eye, poor kid took a beating this trip.
Watching a movie before bed