Friday, September 30, 2011

My Spider-Man!

This is my spider-man. He is very talented in all the spidie ways.
 He can shoot spider webs
 Leaps off of tall buildings (ok, bleachers).
 Faster than the speed of light
 And he can climb sky scrapers (oh, okay a soccer goal).

I love my little spider man who at the moment refuses to wear anything else but his spider suit. He is on his 4th in a row of wear this special suit that gives him these special powers. I've been trying to convince him to be Peter Parker and to hide his spider-man identity, but I'm not have much luck.

Last soccer game

Yesterday was Hunter's last soccer game of the season. His team was undefeated, and not to brag but mainly cause Hunter would score at least 3 goals a game. I just love watching him play, he is awesome. After their game was over he got a soccer medal (which to him was the coolest thing ever).

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Witch & Haunted House

I wanted to make this really cute witch word that I saw. For the most part cutting the word wasn't a problem, that is until I got to the "c" I was a 3rd times a charm type of relationship between myself, the cricut, the scroll saw, and the sander. But in the end I was finally able to make the "c" I wanted. I also cut out a haunted house which was a little tricky, but yet fun to make. I have cut out some other items to go with the haunted house. I work on decorating those next.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Here is a video of Hunter in one of his typical soccer games. He usually scores around 3 goals a game if not more. Today he scored 6 goals. He is a stud!

My Soccer Star

Hunter played Goalie the other day and made some awesome saves, here is one of them!

Wyatt's Hurt

Wyatt fell off the couch yesterday falling on the wooden table tray stand on his way to the floor scraping his side. After a lot of crying for him he stops crying and says, "Wyatt's Hurt." Then goes back to crying and saying I need a boo boo (a band aid).

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wyatt the Spider-Man

Wyatt eats, breaths and lives for spider-man, and still on occasion Woody, and Buzz. He is always getting into Hunter's pajama drawer and putting in the spider-man shirt with black webbing in the arms. He runs around pretending to shoot spider-webs at everyone and everything. He'll crawl around and all 4's and try to climb the walls while saying, "Look mom! I'm spider-man!" He loves his spider-man action figures and can not go anywhere with out them or to bed with that matter. I just love my little web shooting spider boy.

Boys Yearly Check Up

Today the boys had their yearly check-up and meet their new doctor (which was all just loved). Hunter went first, but Wyatt as so excited to get checked out that he laid on the table for his turn. Hunter is in the 95% for Height (52 inches) and 70% for weight (54lbs), and Wyatt is in the 83% for Height (40 inches), and 45% for weight (30lbs).

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


One Halloween craft down, lots more to go. Before we moved I cut out a ton of different crafts and filled a whole big storage tub so full that you couldn't put a lid on. There is LOTS more to come.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another Day at the Lake

This past Saturday after Hunter's soccer game we went boating again with our friends. The weather water was great and the weather was awesome!!! It was a day spent on the floating dock, the boats, tubing, and wake surfing. Hunter rode on Chad's shoulders while he was wake surfing. I actually was getting the hang of it this time surfing behind the boat without using the rope that much. A another great day. Oh and the canyon that we go boating in as gorgeous! There are tons of waterfalls coming out of the rocks up and down the whole canyon.

Let the Games Begin

Hunter had his first soccer game of the season here in Twin Falls. I love that it only cost $15 to play rather than $90 back in Temecula. There are 10 kids on his team and 5 play at a time and the kids are all the same age. This year they play with goalies (which I just love). Hunter played the 1st and 3rd quarter of the game and in the 1st quarter he played goalie and did and awesome job. In the 3rd quarter he scored 4 goals and had 1 assist, he is amazing! I would love for him to play goalie, but is makes a great forward. His team won 8 to 4 (you're not suppose to keep count, but the kids still do). And once again he towers over half the other kids.


Hunter's First Day of First Grade

Hunter had his first day of first grade on Sept. 6th 2011. He has made some friends at school and just loves his teacher Ms. Periera. He said, "She is just so sweet to not give us homework our first week back to school." I just love the way Hunter talks and looks at things, it reminds me a lot of my mom, they both have a heart of gold.

After school was out.

Hunter and his teacher Ms. Periera at open house.

Labor Day Fun

On Labor day the boys and I meet up with our friends Jake and Amber, and Jake's cousin Chad to go boating. We had such a blast! The weather was a little over cast to begin, but it eventually got sunny. the kids loved being pulled in the tube (but not too fast). I got to try wake surfing for the first time, which I totally love! We had Jake and Ambers boat, and Chad brought his family boat too which is a perfect for wake surfing. I love living here in Twin Falls!

Jayah & Wyatt

Hunter, Leah, & Chad

Chad (Jakes Cousin, nicest kids ever, the boys just love him).

Totally looks like a turtle trying to hide in his shell

Our Friend Jake

I love wake surfing so much more that wake boarding!

Wyatt just chilling in the front of the boat shooting his spider webs.

Hunter was in heaven when Chad let him drive the boat.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Twin Falls Fair

Last Saturday the boys and I went to the big fair that they have here once a year. The boys were really excited to go on the Ferris Wheel. Wyatt kept putting his hands in the air and yelling, "WoooHoooo!" The boys went on a few more rides, and then we meet up with Jake and Amber and their kids and looked at all the animals and fun stuff there. Jake's Uncle was the head judge for the rodeo so he got us all in for free to the rodeo that evening. The rode was soooo much fun! The boys LOVED it! The bucking horses and bull riders were a favorite along with the cow wrestling. And of course we had to get cotton candy.

Hunter's angry bird that he won on a game both.

Loving the Car

Oh man! You would have thinked he got in a fender bender.

This is a total Tyson

Hunter waiting in line for his favorite ride, "Tornado"

Farmer Wyatt, Pepper Hunter, Eggplant Jayah, Tomato Leah

Bull Wrestling

Bucking Horses (the guy put baby powder on his hat to make it look like smoke).