Tuesday, April 26, 2011


What do you do with your hangers???

Easter Morning

Easter morning we woke up and got ready for church (but first the boys went through their Easter baskets). Then we went to my sister-in-laws(Dani) mom's house for Easter breakfast and an Easter egg hunt for the boys and Molly. Dani's made a delicious breakfast: french toast casserole, bacon, watermelon, grapes, white chocolate covered strawberries, & donut holes (there was probably more, but it was all so good I just can't remember). The kids did their Easter egg hunt, and then we ate breakfast, then hung out for awhile before we went to church.

Molly added Jelly Beans to her plate.

Wyatt put his loot in the back the the tricycle.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Naked Mud

So behind our house flows as stream of water when it rains. Most of the water is gone, but now puddles of muddy water are left. The boys like to play in the mud, I usually make Hunter put shorts on so his pants don't get muddy. While Hunter and I were over at my in-laws next door, Wyatt decided to strip down to his bare skin and play in the mud. The joy of boys. Wyatt doesn't like to be dirty though, so and soon and he was done playing the mud he starts to freak out yelling "dirty! dirty! dirty!"

Dying Eggs with Grandma

Yesterday the kids and I went to my moms after Hunter got out of school and dyed eggs. Hunter and Grandma Stephie made their own colors, and then the egg dying began. When Wyatt woke up from his nap he joined in (a total of 2 eggs, then he was done). We added stickers to a few and then put the in the color we wanted to dye the egg. After the egg was dried we peeled off the sticker to show the shapes. By the end Hunter hand Hulk fingers (green fingers) he thought that was cool.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

School Picture

Hunter had his 2011 school picture taken about a month ago. I though they turned out great (especially for me not being there to tell him to give a good smile). He is growing up so fast.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Towel Hoodie

A friend is a having a baby girl and I wanted to attempt making a bath towel hoodie. It's defiantly not as good as my sister's mother-in-law's one that she made for Hunter, but I'm happy with it. Next one will be even better.

Freezer Paper Shirt

I made Hunter this Lakers shirt using freezer paper as my stencil. I put the shiny side on the freezer paper up on the cricut and flipped my text. Then you peel out the letters, and iron the freezer paper shiny side down onto the shirt. Don't use any steam. Then you paint. Let it dry and peel the freezer paper off of the shirt. Paying 3 dollars for a Lakers shirt beats paying $20. You don't have to have a cricut to do this but is really helps.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Leo Carrillo Part 2

Here are the rest of the pictures from our spring break vacation to Leo Carrillo. There's a ton, I only posted a few though j/k.

Time out for throwing sand.

We stopped at the Bass Pro Shop on our way home.