Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby & Holiday Hand Sanitizer

I love making these! They are so fast and easy and only cost a $1.10 to make thanks to the dollar tree. The first one is for my friend that just had a baby (thought it would be good for everyone wanting to hold her especially during clod and flu season). The other 3 are winter holiday ones, the blue one is my favorite of those.

Wyatt Bowling

He is one strong little boy, don't liet his size fool you. He weighs 26 lbs and is bowling with a ball that weighs 8lbs (carrying is and lifting it over his head). That is almost a 3rd of his body weight.

Fun with Grandma Stephie

While my sister and her kids were here, my Mom took us somewhere everyday. First we went to the duck pond, then there was Chuckie Cheese, then Bowling, then Thanksgiving which she had to work, and lastly she took the kids to see the new Tangled movie. Here are some pictures of the fun we had.




Fun at Chuckie Cheese

I had to take Wyatt to the bathroom about 5 times while we were there because his cousin Ryker let him borrow his Buzz underwear and Wyatt wanted to keep going to the bathroom just to look at them and didn't want to put his pants back on.

Show Chuckie Cheese their picture

Not a fan of the real Chuckie Cheese

Wyatt's Got Talent!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Throw Quilt

Grandma Great had some left over flannel fabric that she let me have. There was just enough to make a decent size throw quilt. She also had just enough soft fuzzy material left over to make a backing for it. I just love the print on this material, it's super cute!

Pocket Advent Calender

Starting December 1st there is a piece of gum for everyday leading up to Christmas (a mini pocket size advent calender).
I planned on make more of these, but I bought different flavors of gum, but wasn't paying attention to the amount of piece of gum in the packs and only bought 2 packs that had 12 pieces each. The others only had 9 pieces in them which isn't enough for 24 days of Christmas.

Teacher's Gift

It was Hunter's teacher's birthday awhile ago, so we made her and another one of his teachers their own little glass containers with their names on it. They hold about 3 cups (perfect for bringing their meals to work in). And before we tied them with ribbon we filled them with candy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My sister and her kids are here from Utah for the week of Thanksgiving. So far we have gone to the duck pond and to Chuckie Cheese. I'll post those pictures soon. Here are some for the last night.
Kendyl & Hunter

Ryker & Kendyl

Dog Pile

Ryker, Kendyl, Hunter & Wyatt

Baking! Hunter, Ryker, Mom, Tiff, & Kendyl

Thanksgiving Feast

Hunter's class had their Thanksgiving feast last week. The kids made Indian costumes and Pilgrim costumes. Hunter's teacher always goes all out, she made a great Indian.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baby Lily

Congratulations to my best friend Brittney and her husband Josh on their beautiful baby girl Lily! She is so beautiful!