Monday, October 25, 2010

Red Ribbon Week

This week at Hunter's school is red ribbon week and today was crazy hair day. Hunter wanted his hair blue, and Wyatt couldn't be left out so his hair was blue too.

Lakers & More Scrapbooked

I have been doing some scrapbook pages from pictures taken earlier this year. I am starting to work on them now instead of waiting till the year is over. (There are tons of pictures, which I love, the more the better). So to start of there is pictures from the Lakers game nights (aka great family nights). The boys would wear their uniforms whenever the Lakers played. So here are the pages that I done so far. You may have to click on them to see them bigger.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Can't get enough of these

I think this is probably my 3rd post with a picture like this, but it happens a couple times a week. They love to snuggle with each other, and Hunter is so nurturing to Wyatt. Hunter kept patting Wyatt's back.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Gum Ball Jar

Hunter had been invited to quite a few birthday parties from some of his classmates. So we have been making these gum jars and putting 5$ gift card to white lime (a self serve frozen yogurt place) in them. The whole craft only cost 4$, 1$ for candy (gumballs) and a 5$ gift card gives a nice cute gift for 10 bucks. Plus Hunter had fun painting them and filling them with candy. They are made from tara-cota pots & wooden dresser from Lowe's, and a glass bowl (thanks dollar tree). Paint them and a little E600 (my best friend) and you have a cute Gum Ball Jar. They look way cutter in person than the pictures.

No More Diapers

Today I declare Wyatt potty trained. It took him 27 days, but really after 7 days he pretty much had grasped the concept, and would have about 1 accident a day (usually when we were outside playing). He is just under 26 months old. Way to go Wyatt NO MORE DIAPERS!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mario & Luigi

I tried to convince Hunter to be woody or buzz, but he really wanted to be Mario, so then that would make Wyatt Luigi. Hunter is already planning next year to do a Star Wars costume.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Canvas Photo

The Canvas people are having a special of $55 towards any canvas size (which is a free 8x10). All you have to pay for is the shipping which is $14.95. Such a great deal! Photos printed on canvas are quite pricey, so go and get yours while they are still having this special
This is the photo I sent in, I though it would be cute to hang in the boys room.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

January & February Scrapbooked

Here are a few scrapbooked pages that I did that are from the beginning of this year.

5 minutes of Wyatt

It is somewhat of a challenge to watch Hunter play soccer (take pictures of he and the team) and watching Wyatt at the same time. Well, actually it is just a challenge to watch Wyatt. He is a good boy, just very very busy (never stops moving). Here are a few pictures of Wyatt within a 5 minute time frame (during Hunter's soccer game).

Boys and their sticks

If there is a tree, then there is a Wyatt climbing it.

Nothing better than a sweet orange

There was a little old grandma on the other side of the tree cheering, Wyatt I guess didn't like it and was telling her to shhhh!

Fence = Cage = Wyatt will find a way out & have fun at the same time

Try and stop me mom!

Where can I stick my monster truck where people won't find it?

Bummer! It's too big to fit in this hole.

This hole is now the new home of 2 little action figures "Woody & Buzz"

A shoulder to sleep on

The boys were watching a movie before bed, and well, while snuggling with one another Wyatt feel asleep on Hunter. Hunter then tells me that Wyatt is "knocked out".

Thursday, October 14, 2010

McKenzie's Cross Country Meet

Mckenzie had a local cross country meet the the boys and I got to attend. She is amazing! I can't believe how fast they run and doing it the heat and up some pretty steep hills at Temecula High School. They boys had fun cheering for her and Great Oak High School. Wyatt was clapping and yelling "Whooo!" as Mckenzie would run by. Awesome job McKenzie! You are a STUD!!!

Grandma Sandi & Hunter

Wyatt telling Aunt Kenzie to rock on!

Pushing hard to the finish line.

Aunt Kenzie & Grandma Sandi

Mckenzie & her Cross Country Friends

Monday, October 11, 2010

Molly Singing

Molly liked to play with the fridge ABC's and it was too cute when she would dance and try to sing along to it.

Fun with Molly

Molly came over today to play, we just love to hang out with her. Molly and Wyatt get along so well. The two kids were sitting on the couch eating grapes. I'll stop talking and let the pictures to the talking.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Holiday Jars

I bought these glass jars at the dollar tree, along with the candle holders. I glued the jars onto the candle holders using E600 (I love that stuff, my Grandma Cookie got me hooked on it.) Then fill the jars with whatever you want.

Pumpkins, Ghost & Frankenstein

I made a bunch of lolly-pop covers of ghost, pumpkins and Frankenstein. Then stuck them in a glass jar of candy corn and reese's pieces. Hunter had fun putting the faces on the ghosts. He likes to help whenever he can.