Thursday, October 14, 2010

McKenzie's Cross Country Meet

Mckenzie had a local cross country meet the the boys and I got to attend. She is amazing! I can't believe how fast they run and doing it the heat and up some pretty steep hills at Temecula High School. They boys had fun cheering for her and Great Oak High School. Wyatt was clapping and yelling "Whooo!" as Mckenzie would run by. Awesome job McKenzie! You are a STUD!!!

Grandma Sandi & Hunter

Wyatt telling Aunt Kenzie to rock on!

Pushing hard to the finish line.

Aunt Kenzie & Grandma Sandi

Mckenzie & her Cross Country Friends


Tomato and Tordle said...

wow... mckenzie is looking so grown up and pretty!! when did that happen?!?! and isn't she SO lucky! she gets this pretty pink red tint in her cheeks that makes her glow. i turn bright red when i get hot while exercising... not cute at all. yay mckenzie! win the race!!!

-Cousin Tami