Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Little Man Dustin

Dustin is growing so fast, and getting bigger and bigger every day. These picture are of Dustin while he is 2 months old. I just love his big smile, which is usually followed by crying (he's still pretty colicy). He has good and bad days.



Rainy Day

When it's raining outside the kids go out to play, well, at least in our house. Nothing like having paper boat races down the gutter on a windy rainy day. Wyatt loved that he got to use his spiderman umbrella, Hunter had fun jumping in puddles in his rain boots. I love the rainy days.

Grandma Great Meets Dustin

Grandma Great came to visit us 2 weeks ago. Even though it was for just one day and one night we loved having her here. We can't wait till she can come and stay longer. This was Dustin's first time meeting Grandma Great. He just fell in love with her and would just snuggle right up against her.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Camping With Dad

In the beginning of October Tyson took the boys out camping while Dustin and I stayed home. The boys LOVE every minute they get with Tyson. The fished a little, and we hiking, which according to Wyatt they hunting for bears, and deers (and just a little fyi for safety whenever we go hiking Tyson does carry a hand gun in his hiking backpack). The boys had fun using Tyson's calls to try to call in coyotes or deers. Tyson is such an awesome dad, oh the memories they are making.

Our Cub Scout

Now that Hunter is 8 years old he is a wolf cub scout. He LOVES cub scouts. Last week was his first pack meeting were he received his bobcat. Right now he is gun hoe on passing off different parts of his book. I hope he keeps this momentum going for many years. I'll have to take another picture of him since he has received one patch and 2 segment patches.

Cousins Come to Visit

My sister and her kids came up to visit us for a long weekend since her kids had fall break. As usual we had a blast with them up here. We went to an apple orchard to pick apples and then made carmel apples. The kids played in our neighbors leaves, they painted pumpkins and their feet to make ghost. This time we took them to the little museum and to the corn maze again. I love having them up here, especially for the kids to get together and build a strong cousin relationship. Thanks Tiff, and Kids for coming up to Idaho and visiting us.
This was Tyson's Birthday

At the steelhead fish hatchery

Burying Ryker


Monday, October 22, 2012

Pictures of September

Here are just a few random pictures from September. I am a little behind on post pictures due to my computer crashing at the end of the month. The boys are growing, especially Dustin, He smiles and coos a lot.
I took the boys to a safety fair where they got to go inside fire trucks, & ambulances, they learned about bike safety and they each received a bike helmet.


Going on a walk in his stroller

Hunter a a cub scout meeting where they learned about cuts and bleeding and how to bandage them. It is make up, he fooled me, I thought he had fallen and got hurt.

I love Dustin's big smile, he has his Daddy's big smile.