Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July

This wasn't our typical 4th of July. Tyson's cousins from Colorado were here to visit. We started out around noon with a crazy thunder storm. I mean crazy! The wind was blowing so had for about 10 minutes and it POURED for about an hour flooding things fast, especially our dry stream bed that quickly filled up with flowing water. The wind was blowing so hard it snapped some of the oak trees. Our neighbor Antonio's truck was a victim to a huge oak branch breaking. We ran outside moved our cars from out from under the trees and grabbed tools and covered tools moving things out of the pouring rain. We were soaked and thought that we would have a little fun since we were already wet. I swear we are not rednecks.
Antonio's truck
This is Tyson's truck, attached is a tow rope.
Lauren, McKenzie, Holli, Wayne & Hunter
Hunter knee boarding in the mud

Tyson on the wake skate

McKenzie on the kneeboard

In the car ready to head over to the Schewie's to go swimming.
Now we are at the Schewie's swimming pool with the cousins from Colorado, McKenzie, and her friend Lauren. It is always fun at their pool, the slide is a big hit. Tyson brought a basketball hoop and we played a game of water basketball.

A game of WB (water basketball, not women's basketball)

Cousins from Colorado (Parker, Alex (Wayne's girlfriend), Wayne, and Clint).

More Basketball

After swimming at the Schewie's we headed over to my sister-in-law's mother's house for the rest of the evening. There was MORE swimming, yummy hamburgers, and then we watched the fireworks. The boys were exhausted and fell asleep on the way home.
Molly, Hunter & Wyatt

Jumping from the rocks, and swimming.
He covered his ears for most of the fireworks

Happy Independence Day!!!

3rd of July

Molly & Wyatt dancing
The rest of their dance

Summer Fun

We have been going over to our friends The Schewies' house often this summer to cool down and swim in their pool. We all love it except Wyatt. The first time there Tyson threw him in the pool, and now all he does is sit on the wall between the spa and the pool. If he does get in the water it is only on the step and that's it. Hopefully one day he will love the water like the rest of us.

Cannon Ball!

Going down the slide

Twin Falls

2 weekends ago, Tyson and I took a trip to Idaho and got Idaho driver's licenses and registered his truck there. We went to Twin Falls and stayed the night there and visited our friend Jake who gave us a tour of the town of our future home. We plan on moving there mid August. It is a beautiful city, and lots of boating fun to come on the Snake river. We saw the falls from on top of the hill, next time we'll get closer. The temple there is gorgeous too. We excited for our adventure ahead.