Thursday, July 29, 2010


Last weekend we all (Well's Family) went bowling for Grandma Sandi's birthday. Everyone had a great time, especially the boys. By the end of bowling Hunter was pretty good (with a little help of the bumper lane). Out of one game of bowling I managed to get one strike with out the ball hitting the bummers (I cheat and use bumpers too, they're not just for kids). Wyatt had a blast pushing the ball down the pipe ramp and watching the ball knock over the pins (He would get real excited and say WOW! OHHH! and of course Grandma Great's word Whoo Hooo!!!).

Wyatt was asleep when we got there.
Our little family. (Don't you just love my socks?)
Grandpa Ken and the Boys
High 5's for Grandpa Great!
Molly's turn!
Family Fun
The girls
The Boys
Molly Taylor clapping yeah! (We just LOVE her!)
Uncle Morgan with Molly & Wyatt (He took them over to the arcade, what a great Uncle).
Part of the Gang
Black and his new wife Sara joined us for the last game. It was fun having them visit us for a day from Arizona on their way home from their family reunion.

No Teeth & Random

So here are couple of picture over the last two weeks. The big thing going on in our home this past two weeks is Hunter loosing his teeth. Not just one or two, but 4 teeth in 2 weeks. and Wyatt as usual is silly.
4 missing teeth

Loves to pretend he is cowboy.

The 3rd missing tooth.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Molly Time

The boys and I went over to Morgan and Dani's house to play with Molly. Wyatt and Molly took turns following each other around, and trading sippy cups. Wyatt spent most of his time chasing the cats yelling and screaming at them with excitement, and following them saying "titty!" (Kitty in Wyatt language). They boys liked their dog, but wanted to keep it in the kennel when it was inside or just put her outside. Molly is such a cutie, and a very happy baby or should I say toddler. She loves to give hugs and love to the boys, just is just so sweet. They just grow up so fast.
Cute little Molly Taylor Wells
Wyatt and Molly
All 3 kids
Wyatt and Molly giving hug (1 of the 10 times)
Hugs and love
Wyatt sharing his water with Stella
Wyatt kept chasing the cats through the tiny doggie dog into the garage. Only his little body can fit through that door.
Wyatt calling the "titty" (Kitty)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Boating with Cousins

This past weekend when Tyson's cousins were here for Grandma Greats Birthday he took them all out on the boat to Lake Elsinore to do some wakeboarding. They all did a great job, especially when some of them have never wakeboarded before. It was fun watching them, especially when we pulled two wakeboarders at a time and they would try and knock each other off their boards (wakeskate).
Wayne & Wyatt
Cody & Clint
Wyatt & Tyson
Hunter & Morgan
McKenzie & Parker
Clint & Riley

Morgan jumping over the no wake zone buoy.
Morgan doing a back flip, which he did land.

Cody doing a back flip
Tyson jumped off his board to "try" and knock off Parker.
Tyson & Riley
Wayne & Morgan
Morgan taking down Wayne
The Wyatt Kid