Monday, July 12, 2010

Boating with Cousins

This past weekend when Tyson's cousins were here for Grandma Greats Birthday he took them all out on the boat to Lake Elsinore to do some wakeboarding. They all did a great job, especially when some of them have never wakeboarded before. It was fun watching them, especially when we pulled two wakeboarders at a time and they would try and knock each other off their boards (wakeskate).
Wayne & Wyatt
Cody & Clint
Wyatt & Tyson
Hunter & Morgan
McKenzie & Parker
Clint & Riley

Morgan jumping over the no wake zone buoy.
Morgan doing a back flip, which he did land.

Cody doing a back flip
Tyson jumped off his board to "try" and knock off Parker.
Tyson & Riley
Wayne & Morgan
Morgan taking down Wayne
The Wyatt Kid


Casey Golledge said...

the last picture is by far the best ;)

Lila said...

Looks like a blast! We live way too far away... wish we could have the money to go down and play too!

Fama Gurl said...

wow... very nice picz.!!!
cute little boys!