Monday, July 12, 2010

Gma Great's Birthday Weekend

This past weekend we had a big family birthday party for Grandma Great. Family from Arizona and Colorado came, and brought a lot of fun with them. We had a BBQ with fun games and prizes, lots of food and pies. It was a day of fun and laughter, especially when we played this word spelling game. It was a fun weekend, and towards the end of Sunday it was sad to have everyone leave, but it was a great weekend.
Hunter getting ready to show me how a spinner works.
The spinners were a big hit with the little and big kids.
Grandma Great & Me (Happy Birthday Grandma)
Cody and Tyler rocking out!
Holli, Grandma Great, & Aunt Steph
Wyatt and Molly playing with the spinners
Go Hunter! Pop those balloons!
Molly having fun with the punch balloon.
Throwing darts at balloons. Go Grandpa Great!
Wyatt showing Molly how to do squishy kisses.
Wyatt loves his cousin Molly (don't you just love her curly hair!)
Part of the Gang:
Wyane, Uncle Kelley, Riley, Hunter, Parker, Aunt Steph, Clint, Uncle Kyle, Shaina, & Cody
Chow Time!
Uncle Morgan & Molly
Aunt Holli with Wyatt & Molly
Fun with Cousins
Grandma B.I.N.G.O.
Wyatt helping Grandma Stephie play BINGO
Molly & Grandpa Ken
Happy Birthday Grandma Great!
A really fun word spelling game that I have no idea what it is called. It was so much fun though, thanks Aunt Shari.
What happens when adults play
Grandma & Grandpa Great
Ripple (the card game we always play).
Cosmic Keep-Away Players
Riley, Parker, Cody, Tyler, Clint & Hunter
Cosmic Keep-Away in Action