Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July. We went to church in the morning and then came home and had an early fast Sunday dinner BBQ with the family, and in the evening we went tot he sports park to watch the fireworks with our family and friends. Hunter and Wyatt both LOVED the fireworks. Wyatt kept going around to everyone making sure that they were seeing them and saying "WOW!!!" And to make it a great way to end the day the boys both feel asleep on the way home making it easy to put them both in bed. Happy 4th of July and thank you to all the current and past American Soldiers for giving us our freedom.
Family Picture
The Boys
The boys with Grandma Sandi
Tyson, Grandma Sandi, Aunt McKenzie
Hunter with Grandma Great
The Cook
Wyatt showing us his new trick
The boys both had so much fun wrestling with their Uncle Tyler
Ride that stick Wyatt!
Horse ride which of course turns into more wrestling.
Chow time!
Hunter and Grandpa Great enjoying some homemade ice cream.
Wyatt wearing Hunter's chest protector.
The long walk to the sports park for the fireworks. Wyatt LOVES sunglasses (he has about 8 different pairs, you have to have back ups).
Uncle Jeff the Jungle Gym!!!!
Wyatt with his pal Bradley (Wyatt was enjoying pulling Bradley's hairFirework time!
Watching the fireworks (I have no idea why the picture got turned)
The quiet car ride home


Lila Jo said...

What a great day! I can't believe how much bigger your boys look than last year when you came up.
I worked all weekend between two places, so the kids stayed home with Nick and missed most of the festivities. They did the fireworks right by our house, so they watched from the porch, but hopefully next year we can go!