Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My first craft in Idaho

This is my first craft that I have done since we moved to Idaho. It felt great to do some crafting since I have had it all boxed up for the last month. These presents are made out of 4x4 post, scrapbook paper, paint and ribbon. I did these late at night while watching White Christmas while the boys were asleep in bed.

Holiday Subway Art Picture Boards

A couple months ago my friend Amy and I made a 4th of July subway art board and attached sheet metal to put pictures on with the use of a magnet. Well, before we moved my very talented friend made me the most adorable ones for the next few holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). She is amazing! Thanks you so much Amy, I love them!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kids Festival

The city had a kids festival with jolly jumps and a ton of different booths put on but different companies that had games and prizes for the kids. Our friends Jake and Amber meet us there with their kids. The boys loved the obstacle course jolly jump and they walked away with a bag full of fun goodies and prizes that they won. At the end we went into the little museum that they have here in town which is pretty cool. One day we'll have to go to the observatory. For our first weekend here is has been a blast.

Hunter, Leah, Wyatt and Jaya watching a fish video in the museum.

Fun in Idaho

A couple days ago the Hunter rode his bike and I pushed Wyatt in the stroller and we walked to Hunter's school to play on the playground. His school is 1 block up the street and 4 blocks to the left from our house. It only took us about 15 minutes to walk. The boys had fun playing on a new playground that had different types of playground stuff then in California (some was the same, like the swings and slides).

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Boys!!!

Hunter and Wyatt just had their Birthdays, and being that Hunter's is on the 22nd and Wyatt's is on the 24th we celebrated both of their birthdays on the 23rd. Tyson took Hunter fishing (which he loves and never wants to stop), while Wyatt and I made their birthday cake. There was 7 candles on one side for Hunter and 3 candles on the other side of the cake for Wyatt. They both got pillow pets, and Hunter got some more Lego's and a skateboard, and Wyatt got a lot of different spider man toys and PJ's.

Our friend Jake went with them fishing.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grandma Cookie Cruise

My wonderful awesome amazing talented sweet Grandma Cookie (a nickname she's had our whole lives due to the fact the she loves cookies) paid for the her kids and their kids and their spouses (a family reunion minus the little ones) for a 7 day Mexican Rivera Cruise. One of the best weeks in my life! No cooking no cleaning, lots of food and fun, and we had a week with no little kids (thanks to Tyson's parents for watching them). The best part of all was getting to know my cousins better and all of their spouses (they are all married except for 2 of them). We defiantly made some great memories! Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa! So here are just a few (I have 8GB worth).
Our ship the Carnival Splendor

The Girls

Waiting for our fish taco at a little taco stand in Cabo

The famous Cabo arch

Mom and Jeff waiting for their tacos

Tiffany and Chet

The Boys

The Group

Getting ready for a round of miniature golf on the boat

The under toe in Cabo was pretty strong

On a tender boat to get to Cabo from the cruise ship

A golden mexican pirate statue guy
Tiff and I taking off for para-sailing

My mom and Aunt Jenny Para-sailing

Up in the air (the boat guys thought I was crazy for taking my little camera up their with me.)

The group in our Family Reunion t-shirts that my cousin Danielle made us (thanks Dano).

Ready to take a little boat tour of Cabo.

Some of us girls in the water in Cabo
Kamden, mom, Tara, Aunt Jenny, Tiffany, & Me

A Mexican Captain America (doesn't sound right huh?)

Tyson doing a back flip of the rock in Cabo

Grandma Cookie (isn't she just the most beautiful great grandma!) Jeff, and Grandpa John

We had a few great spoon tournaments (Tiff and Uncle Mark were the Champs)

The Freeman Girls and their Husbands

Tyson on the ships water slide
Gearing up for Zip Lining in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

The ship even had a basketball court on top (Tyson was in heaven)