Monday, August 1, 2011


Towards the beginning of July we meet the cousins at the park to "try" and take pictures of the 5 cousins together before we move. So below is an attempt. Wyatt and Molly (the 2 year olds) were the hardest, the 3 babies were fine; Carlisle was chill, Jack was happy and full of smiles, and Seth wanted his nap (but they are easier that the 2 year olds cause they couldn't run away).

Molly pushing the rocking dolphin for Wyatt

These two are peas in a pod! They love each other so much!

The 3 older kids (Wyatt 2, Hunter 6, Molly 2)

Wyatt not thrilled at all that he has to sit for pictures when there are baby ducks in the water to play with.

Brother and Sister, Molly and Jack

They are not as innocent as they seem.

Seth 6mths, Jack 4mths, Carlisle 8mths

Our best attempt at a group photo.


Amber Waters said...

so cute!

Holli Kim said...

Thank you so much for taking the pictures they turned out great and my mom loved them :)