Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wells Family Reunion Part 2

I'm gonna skip all the words and let the pictures tell you of our adventure.

Jackson Hole pool. Wyatt was suppose to wait for Grandpa Ken before he went down the slide, but he didn't and I had to jump in and get him. Wyatt is really good about getting out of the pool to go pee, except for this time he got out and turned around and pulled his shorts down and peed into the pool. Needless to say they had to shut it down for about 20 minutes (and that was our cue to leave).

Cousins Jaxton and Zoey (brother and sister) don't you just love their shirts?

Yellowstone Old Faithful

Grand Tetons (Wyoming side)

The Group

Cousin Colton and Hunter

Tyson with Uncle Ryan and Uncle Kyle

Idaho has some HUGE Dandelions

Compared to my hand

One of the cool Hot Pools of water in Yellowstone

Wyatt slept through Old Faithful

Jackson Hole

Wyatt wanted to climb the horns

Cody and Parker on the metal moose in Jackson Hole. Surprisingly there were not signs that said keep off or so not climb.

Blake being an awesome sport letting the little kids chase him for about an hour

Wyatt just used the swing but didn't let go like dad to go in the water

That is until he accidentally let go and fell in.

Can you spot the moose?

And of course the amazing, talented, hilarious Bar J's cowboys.