Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day

So far since we've lived in Idaho we had just a little snow, well yesterday we got our first real snow day. When Hunter came home from school we all got on our snow clothes and went out to play. The boys had fun having a snowball fight, and then we made a snowman the same size as Hunter. We used olives for his mouth and eyes, and of course a carrot for his nose. It was fun, but I stayed home that day and did do the errands I needed to cause I was to chicken to drive in the snow.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January Fun

Here are a few pics of this year so far.
Wyatt playing in his tent with his spiderman toys.

Making rock candy

Day 1
Day 3 of 7
We drove down the canyon to see all the frozen icicles.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Years

Well, we were all sick with the stomach flu on New Years Eve and New Years. But later that week Tyson took the boys out for a hike. And despite the look on Wyatt's face in the first picture they all did have a great time. Wyatt and Hunter enjoyed making "tracks" in the snow and of course throwing it at each other. Later that night after we found Hunter reading to Wyatt on the couch. It was one of the moments that made you feel like you were doing something right in parenting.


Are there other bloggers out there that have issues of uploading photos? It makes it so frustrating to blog and post pictures. I have been delaying posting anything cause have the time I try and post pictures is freezes. Argggg!


This year was our first Christmas without family. It was nice and quiet. In the morning we left the boys go through their stockings and check out their gift from Santa. Then we had a delicious breakfast, and then off to church for about an hour. When we came back they opened their presents from each other and us, and from family. Later around 3pm we went to our friends the Schiewe's for a yummy yummy prim rib dinner and lots of other great things to eat. The kids played and us adults played a couple rounds of Sequence (Jake and I won). The was a wonderful Christmas despite of being far away from family.
Christmas Eve Pj's

Wyatt got some super hero bands and probably used half the package the first day sticking them everywhere.