Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wedding Scraps

Here are 2 scrapbook layout that I made of Tyson's sister Holli's wedding, and of my best friend Brittney's Wedding. Both Girl looked gorgeous!
Pg. 2
Pg. 1
Pg. 2

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Elder Stowell

Here are some pictures that Jeff finally sent us. He has been gone for about a year and a half, and these are the second set of pictures we have received. Sorry there are quite a few pictures, and I don't know what is going on in them. He sure looks like he is loving Brazil. We love you and miss you Uncle Jeff.

Working in a lady's yard

All the yummy treats he got from family and friends
Brazil's telephone booth
Other missionaries, and their mission president
Chocolate No-Bake Cookies (thanks to Tiff)

That looks like one big fish

We think that's a snake, but are not sure.
The Parrots are everywhere there

Halloween 2008

Someone that he visited had this old newspaper article of JFK


We had a wonderful Easter weekend. On Saturday, Hunter went to the community egg hunt, and then to Aunt Holli's work. After that we went on a hike, just the 4 of us. Then we came back home and dyed some eggs. After that we washed up really fast, and took the boys over to Justin and Casey Golledge's home and then Tyson, his cousin Katie and I went to the San Diego Temple. It was a very busy day. Easter morning Hunter found his and Wyatt's Easter baskets, and then went to the backyard to find all the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid. Then we went to church and then to Tyson's parents house for Easter dinner.

Dying Easter Eggs

Wyatt contributing to dying

All the eggs we dyed

Hunter loved his chocolate bunny
Silly String
Grandpa Great, Grandma Great holding Wyatt, and Grandpa Ken holding Molly
He loves to eat the grass

In the Jolly Jump

Hunter at Aunt Holli's work