Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BBQ with Friends

So a couple of weeks ago we had a bunch of our friends out at the Wells' house for a BBQ. We had Bryan and Amy Snell and their two kids, The Abru family with four of their kids, Jake and Amber Schewie and their two kids, Robert and Bethanie Pinto and their two kids, and Morgan, Dani and Molly. It was a pretty big crowd with a lot of little kids and babies.
Hunter and RJ Pinto
Grandpa Great and Wyatt
Bryan, Robert, Alex & Tyson
Tyson and Hunter on the rope swing

Mckenzie & Bryan
The Snell Family: Mason, Amy, Bryan & Mckenzie
Jake and Leah

Morgan and Dani
Tyson and Leah
Bryan and Mckenzie
Wyatt and Jayah taking their naps
WWF Babies Wyatt and Mason
Moms and their babies
The Pinto Family
Wyatt and Tyson
Wyatt so excited about the horse, he just loved touching it, and would get the biggest smile on his face.
Hunter & Mckenzie
Wyatt, Morgan & Molly


Anonymous said...

You kids are so cute. I love to see Tyson smile when he sees one of your boys smile of laugh. I just think that is it so cute that Tyson gets such a kick out of boys' reaction. Looks like fun. We will have to plan out something when we come in November. I don't know about Kendyl, but I know that Ryker would think that the rope swing was pretty cool.