Monday, April 13, 2009

Leo Carrillo

One of our favorite family trips each year is to Leo Carrillo. We camp at the camp ground and during the day we walk underneath HWY 1 to the beach ALL DAY. WE LOVE IT. We all enjoy the beach, sitting on the sand, or playing in it. And Wyatt, well, he loves to eat the sand, and sea weed, basically anything he can get his hands on. It was a week of fun with family and friends.

Wyatt would eat sand by the handfuls

Daddy giving Wyatt kisses
Asleep in the backpack
Bundled up (It gets cold at night)
Wyatt would make a mad dash for the water as soon as you put him down in the sand.
Sea Weed Anyone?

Playing at the campground
Bradly, Hunter and Matt
Bradley & Wyatt
Digging for sand crabs
Grandma Peterson and Hunter
Walking on the beach, a daily thing.

Bradley and Matt with the fish they caught.
Hunter scooting his way down the beach.
Justin & Hunter (Hunter just loves him)
Noah, Justin & Hunter
He loves the waves
Sand crabs

Mckenzie with muscles
At the tide pools
Holli & Tyler
Hunter & Mckenzie

Skim boarding

Ready to go on a hike up the mountain

The Snell family

The Boys

The Girls
Our family, minus Wyatt (he was asleep at camp)
The Kim's

Happy on the beach

Wyatt & Mason
Mason & Wyatt in their pooh outfits

Hunter and his 2nd cousin Caroline

The Girls
The whole Wells Family
Morgan, Dani and Molly
Andrew & Carrie
Wyatt and Grandpa Ken
Grandma & Grandpa Peterson with their 9 great grandkids. A 4,3,2, and 2 year old, and 5 others all under the age of 1.
Hunter and Uncle Morgan with star fishes
Crawling in the sand
Uncle Morgan playing with Wyatt at camp
Playing cards
Fun in a bucket
Making sand castles
Ready for one of the many walks.
2 cousins Andrew and Wyatt (they are 3 weeks apart, and look and sound soooo much alike.)
Almost bed time


The Trapp Family said...

It was so much fun to get to hang out with you guys for a few days. I love all the pictures especially the ones of Wyatt darting to the beach!

Valerie said...

All your pictures turned out great! You will have to give me a few pointers when we see you (hopefully in Wyoming)! We REALLY wish we could have come out to join you guys!!! Looks like you had a great time! We sure do miss you guys as well as the beach!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys a a great time. Those pictures were great! You look awesome! You have such a cute family.