Monday, November 26, 2012

Brotherly Love

 I Love my boys and my boys love each other. I love watching how Hunter and Wyatt interact with Dustin, and how Dustin just smiles, drools and coos right back at them. They melt my heart.
Hunter showing Dustin a game on his iTouch

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Football Star

A couple weeks ago was Hunter's last football game and afterwards the boys on the team were awarded their medals. Hunter's team was undefeated, they tied two games and won the other three.
Hunter made a touchdown, pulled a lot of flags, had an awesome kick, and almost had a few interceptions. Hunter you're awesome!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dustin 3 Months Old

 Dustin turned 3 months old on October 31st. At 3 months old he rolls over from his stomach to his back and is really close at getting from his back to his tummy. He coos and drools a ton! He is becoming less colic now and is happy for the most part of the day. Night time is still somewhat rough, especially on both of us when he is up every hour in the middle of the night. He is a chunk and is really filling out and growing. We love this little boy, especially his big brothers.
So for some reason I could only make the first two pictures big, it would let me enlarge the rest, sorry.

Hunter came home during the photo shoot of Dustin and wanted to jump in on the pictures.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Random Pictures of November

Here are some random pictures of the boys from the past week. Dustin is growing and just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Hunter and Wyatt just smother Dustin with love, we all just can't get enough of him. To me Dustin is looking more and more like Hunter.
Deer in the headlight look (which he gives often)

Wyatt fell asleep in a box while watching a movie.

Watching the movie The Lorax

Hunter LOVES to be with Dustin

Dustin fell asleep during the movie being sandwiched by his brothers.

Hunter wanted Dustin to cuddle in bed before he had to go to sleep. I just love this picture. To me Dustin is a mini Hunter/Tyson with a little Wyatt in the mix.

I think I have about 30 pictures of Dustin his bouncer with a huge smile on his. This is his favorite toy/entertainment at the moment.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Flag Football

This was Hunter's first time playing flag football. He has loved playing. It is a new sport to all of us, Tyson sport is basketball, and my sport is volleyball and soccer, so we are all learning about football. Hunter's team is the Broncos (like Boise State). Hunter's position was a wide receiver. He did a great job on defense pulling flags, and on offense he was a great blocker. In this last game he scored a touchdown and caught an interception. He's a stud. Hunter is so talented, he can excel in any sport, he just picks it up so quickly.


Hunter's Fans

Hunter's touchdown

What a great 1st season

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween

For Halloween we went trick or treating in our neighborhood for a little bit till Tyson got home, then we went over to his bosses neighborhood. The boys made out with quite a bit of candy. When we got home and dumped out their buckets to inspect their candy we noticed that Wyatt had received a box of Jello pudding, we had a good laugh. Dustin enjoyed his first lolly pop at 3 months old and loved it.

Has the idea of how to suck on a lolly pop, even if the paper is on.

Being that Dustin is 3 months old today, Tyson thought he should celebrate with a lolly pop.

Oh how he was loving it!

He did not want us to take it away, but he was DROOLING SOOOOO Much!

Drooling all over Dad.

Love that blue tongue from his lolly pop.