Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween

For Halloween we went trick or treating in our neighborhood for a little bit till Tyson got home, then we went over to his bosses neighborhood. The boys made out with quite a bit of candy. When we got home and dumped out their buckets to inspect their candy we noticed that Wyatt had received a box of Jello pudding, we had a good laugh. Dustin enjoyed his first lolly pop at 3 months old and loved it.

Has the idea of how to suck on a lolly pop, even if the paper is on.

Being that Dustin is 3 months old today, Tyson thought he should celebrate with a lolly pop.

Oh how he was loving it!

He did not want us to take it away, but he was DROOLING SOOOOO Much!

Drooling all over Dad.

Love that blue tongue from his lolly pop.


Anonymous said...

THose pictures are so cute. I totally love the blue tounge.

Casse.King said...

So sweet, love the lolli too haha