Friday, November 2, 2012

My 3 Ninjas

This year for Halloween the boys were all dressed up as ninjas. Hunter and Wyatt and been into playing with the Ninjago Lego guys so that's why they wanted to be ninjas. And of course Dustin had to be a ninja too. We found all their black clothes at the DI here in Twin Falls, and then the colored material was 50% off at Joann's. I believe I only spent about $18 on all three costumes. The boys had fun being ninjas and I had fun making them (they were really simple, a rectangle piece with a triangle in the middle). Next question is, What will they choose to be next year? Oh, and if you are wondering where all these beautiful fall leaves are, we are at the college campus CSI right by our house. I drove the campus the day before and say how pretty was, and knew that that is where I had to take their pictures.