Sunday, December 26, 2010

Game Night

The Sunday after Christmas we had my Mom & Jay, and our friends the Aceys over for dinner and then some games afterwards. It is always fun getting together with friends and family.
Grandma Great, Mom, Jay, Tyson, Wyatt, Jow, Brittany, Hunter, & Sandi

While we played games Wyatt and Owen watched Toy Story 3.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

We spent Christmas day at home and at Grandma Sandi's & Grandpa Ken's, and dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Greats. Santa brought the boys a red wii for Christmas along with some shooting ear muffs for kids. My mom and brother came out for breakfast, and my brother came out again later in the evening for dinner. Tyson's brother & sister and their families came out in the morning too. Here are some pictures that sums up our day. 

Hunter playing the harmonica

Wyatt not a fan of Hunter's musical talents with the harmonica.

The boys

The Girls

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at my mom's house and had dinner there with her when she got home from work. The boys opened their Christmas Eve Pj's (Hunter got Mario, and Wyatt's was a Buzz Lightyear). Our sweet neighbors gave the boys gifts too, so they opened them and their present from Grandma Stephie.

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Boys

Together, Hunter and I painted some Christmas stained glass ornaments. He is a great artist! While Wyatt has a great imagination pretending that he is buzz light year and can fly.

Friday, December 17, 2010

All Aboard the Polar Express

Today was the last day of school till next year, so Hunter's class and a few others marched around the school in their Polar Express boxes. Wyatt enjoyed watching all the kids walk around. Before Hunter got out of school they had a holiday party with ice cream, cup cakes, cookies and candy canes. Hunter is excited to have 2 weeks off of school (I'm not so sure I'm excited about 2 whole weeks).
Hunter's teachers Mrs. Knapp & Mrs. Oddi
Hunter and his friend Kyle

Bath Time

Hunter usually takes showers, but last night He wanted to take a bath with Wyatt. There was a lot of laughter coming from the bathroom and water out of the tub.

Grandma Cookie & Papa John

Grandma Cookie and Papa John came for a little visit this past week, and we got to celebrate Christmas a little early with them because they will be in Hawaii for Christmas.
Hunter was so excited to get to open a present early. Hunter got a silver coin and LOVES it, and Wyatt got a tractor that makes a ton of noise and moves (it will be staying at Grandma Stephie's house). The boys are so lucky to have such wonderful Great Grandparents.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Joy & Epsom Salt Candle

I started off by painting the candle red, and when it dried I painted it was modge podge and then rolled it in a plate of Epsom salt. I bought a wood (mdf) J, and Y, and then a bell for the O at Michael's all for a dollar each. Then I painted the letters, and modge podged scrapbook paper on the front. I added a little ribbon to the bell and that's it.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Birthday Calander

I printed out each month with the dates on them and added some scrapbook paper to the bottom. The clipboard was a dollar at Walmart, I painted it black and bought an easel at Michael's. This a calender that you keep year after year and just add new birthdays, anniversary's, ect. It turned out super cute!