Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Park Day

Last Thursday (LAKER CHAMPIONSHIP GAME) I took the boys to the park, along with Hunter's friend Nicholas. They spent most of their time on the slides and playing in the sand. Wyatt of course was all over the place. The weather has been so great you just have to be outside. I love California weather.


Wyatt only lasted on the swing for about a minute. He did seem to enjoy it though.

Nicholas and Hunter

Coming down the slide
Wyatt's turn
Yee Haw!!!

Wyatt showing us the stick he found

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Last Day of School

Here are a few more pictures of Hunter's last day of school.
Leah & Hunter

Last Day of School

Hunter just finished his first year of school. He is going to do kindergarten again next year and will have Mrs. Napp, he is so excited. Here are a few pictures of the last day of school. After school we went to Burger King with Leah's family (she is the girl we carpool to school with.)
Jayah & Wyatt
Hunter and I
Wyatt and Hunter playing on the playground

Hunter and his teacher Mrs. Oddi
Hunter's class

Monday, June 14, 2010

Soccer Scrapbooked

I finally did some more scrapbooking and finished Hunter's Soccer page from lase year. His team was the Purple Tigers, he was not thrilled about the color, but he was still a soccer star!

Monday, June 7, 2010


So we have had a Rosie Boa snake for a while now. But, one is never enough right? Nope, not for the Wells' boys. Tyson found another one, but it wasn't just Hunter that was excited about it. Wyatt loves the snakes too. He likes to give it kisses, and does not like to give it up.
Hunter with his snake
Wyatt with his snake
Wyatt giving the snake kisses
Snuggling a little too tight with the snake

Big Boys & Guns

Tyson took Jeff, Hunter, and Thomas out to the shooting bench to do some target shooting. Hunter did a really good job hitting skeet at 100 ft.

Jeff and Hunter reloading their guns.

Spring Program

Hunter's Kindergarten class and 2 other kindergarten classes put on a spring program about farming, growing flowers and weeds. There was lots of singing, speaking parts and even some dancing. It was really cute. Hunter did a great job. After the program we went to White Lime for some frozen yogurt.

Hunter saying, "Quick! Someone call the gardener!"
Hunter and his friend Leah (we carpool to school together).
Ashton Graff & Hunter (she is in his class and in primary with him at church).
Mrs. Oddi & Hunter (She is the best teacher ever!)
Hunter and his friend Kelsey (in his class) at White Lime.