Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Park Day

Last Thursday (LAKER CHAMPIONSHIP GAME) I took the boys to the park, along with Hunter's friend Nicholas. They spent most of their time on the slides and playing in the sand. Wyatt of course was all over the place. The weather has been so great you just have to be outside. I love California weather.


Wyatt only lasted on the swing for about a minute. He did seem to enjoy it though.

Nicholas and Hunter

Coming down the slide
Wyatt's turn
Yee Haw!!!

Wyatt showing us the stick he found


Lila Jo said...

I love their cute little outfits! We finally gave up on spring and it looks like summer will be here soon, wish we had your nice weather for a week or two right now though!

Th King's Queen said...

i love the one of wyatt on the slide :)

shanda said...

how fun can I go to the part TOOOO

Amy Snell said...

You were at the Ghetto park and didnt call :) The kids love that park :) Looks like you guys had fun :)