Monday, January 31, 2011

More Basketball

So, besides me being behind the camera, here are a few of Hunter's other fans: Grandpa John, Grandma Cookie, Wyatt, and Dad. There is also a picture of Hunter with his 2 friends Kate and Luke Jacobson (they are all in the same primary class at church, well they make up his whole class). Hunter is an awesome basketball player! He had some great baskets and steals. The photos of him below are from when he stole the ball from another player on the other team and had a break away to the basket and made the shot.

Nap Time

Both of my boys have a very special bond with their Grandma Cookie. They get to see her almost once a month for a couple days when she comes to visit. Today she walked with Wyatt up and down the street while I was at Joann's (a great relief to not have to take him, he does not like that store, they take forever to cute the fabric). Then they went inside and she read him book after book after book. She then told him is was time for nap and he laid his head down and closed his eyes and went to sleep. So did she. I came home to the house all quiet, and this is what I found.

Craft Night

So this past Saturday I went to my first girls craft night! It was so much fun! I only finished one of my crafts I signed up for (The Sweet Heart). The other one I was working on and kept messing up and cutting the paper the wrong way, which told me I needed to go home and go to bed, it was getting late (I got home at 12:45am). Thank you Amy for hosting such a fun wonderful evening! And thanks to my In-Laws for watching the boys for me.

The last picture is of a little mail box from the dollar bins at Target that I added some flare to.

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Favorite

So far I think that this is my favorite Valentine craft because I used both boys hand prints making it personal. I also used vinyl, canvas, ribbon, a wooden heart, and little scrapbook paper. I say this is a Valentine decoration but yet it can be up year around. Once again pictures don't do it justice.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Etched Jars

I made Hunter a jar for him to put random stuff in, money, rocks, ect. He loves it! Well, so does Wyatt, so I had to make him on too. Michael's sells these jars for a dollar, and then just use some etching cream, and some ribbon and your done.

Crayon Bag

This is my first one of these. I am in the middle of making the boys theirs right now. This one is for my niece Kendyl. This was also my first time using freezer paper as a stencil (I ironed it on and then painted her name). I think it would have turned out better if the material wasn't quilted. But I am defiantly going to experiment more with using freezer paper as stencil, give it a try, the directions are on the box.

More Valentine Decor

The first one is a plain whit candle from walmart that I painted 2 different colors. Then I pained it with modge podge and sprinkled epsom salt on it. Added a ribbon and some flowers. . . beautiful! The other picture is the same as the others I did before but with the word kiss, simple and cute (thanks target for selling the cute words for a dollar).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine Blocks

So, once again, these look better in person then the picture, but they are still really cute and simple to make. Tyson cut me some 3x3 blocks, I painted them one shade of color and when they dried I painted the top color. Then I sanded off the top color a little bit, and added some vinyl letters.


On Saturday after Hunter's basketball game we went hiking and shooting with the boys (well, really just Hunter, Wyatt feel asleep on the way there, so we left him in the car asleep while we hiked the hill. Hunter shot the 10.24 shot gun and either he or Tyson shot a quail. Later when we got back to the shooting bench we had him shoot a 20 gauge shot gun and he wasn't a fan of the kick that it gives, but he still shot that 4 times. His favorite it the 22 that he shoots at the targets. While we were shooting Wyatt watched a movie. I tore up my hand pretty good shooting the gloc gun (stupid me kept shooting and by the time I was done my hand was all bloody. We had a great time (I just love these family outings). 
Hunter shooting at the Quail.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Okay, I know it's early but they are not out yet, I just finished making them. They look SO much better in person, you can't see the print or glitter on the paper very well in the picture, but they are really cute in person.

Love Blocks

So, my friend Amy told me about these scrapbooking stickers they sell at Target for a dollar. They are really cute! Can't wait to see what St. Patricks Day ones they come out with. So I took Amy's idea (hope you don't mind Amy) and put them on a wood block with some scrapbook paper, paint and ribbon (from the dollar bins at Target).

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Car Cozy

I went to my friend Amy's house today who makes these adorable car cozy, and gave one to each of my boys (Hunter absolutely loves his, thanks a bunch!). I showed my sister and her little boy just loved them, so I made one for him. They are so cute and and roll up so nicely (they will be great for church)!

Lily & the Park

Last Friday the boys and I went to go take some pictures of baby Lily, and then afterwards we walked to the park in Brittney's housing track. The boys had fun running around and going down the slides. Isn't Lily just adorable!

Wii Boys

Hunter LOVES the wii, and he really loves it when someone plays the wii with him, especially Dad.