Tuesday, January 25, 2011


On Saturday after Hunter's basketball game we went hiking and shooting with the boys (well, really just Hunter, Wyatt feel asleep on the way there, so we left him in the car asleep while we hiked the hill. Hunter shot the 10.24 shot gun and either he or Tyson shot a quail. Later when we got back to the shooting bench we had him shoot a 20 gauge shot gun and he wasn't a fan of the kick that it gives, but he still shot that 4 times. His favorite it the 22 that he shoots at the targets. While we were shooting Wyatt watched a movie. I tore up my hand pretty good shooting the gloc gun (stupid me kept shooting and by the time I was done my hand was all bloody. We had a great time (I just love these family outings). 
Hunter shooting at the Quail.