Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Crafts

I couldn't post these earlier cause most of them were gifts that we gave to family and friends. The grand kids board below holds pictures of the grand kids. And I did add a few Thanksgiving crafts that I made for my visiting teacher companion and the people we see.

Stanford for Grandpa John

Friday, December 23, 2011


A couple of weekends ago we took the boys to the college here in town to have breakfast with Santa. It was fun and yummy! This year Wyatt didn't cry, he gave me one smile and that was it, then it was as serious face. But he did tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas.

Fishing with Dad

A couple weekends ago Tyson took to boys fishing in Rock Creek Park. It was the same place we took Grandma Cookie and Papa John when they came for a visit. Hunter insisted on calling them to see in Grandpa John wanted to come fishing since Nevada is next door (Hunter sees sign in town the say to Wells Nevada). They had good success and caught 8 fish. This time Tyson fell in the river (Wyatt fell in last time), we told Hunter that he was going to be next, but he says he will be careful. The boys love fishing, expecially Hunter, they were there all day and did come home till past dark. Oh and when the sun was shining this day it was 35 degrees in the sun. Too cold for me to sit out there, so I stayed home in peace a quite.

Not too bad of a picture taken by a 3 year old.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hunter's Christmas Play

Hunter had his Christmas Program at school yesterday and did awesome! He was one of Santa's elves and had two different speaking parts that he memorized and did a great job at remembering his lines when it was his turn. He was one of the best singers and really great with his hand actions while they sang. Wyatt and I enjoyed watching him perform, and we video taped it for Tyson to watch since the program was in the middle of the day.

Hunter and his friend Guy
Hunter and his teacher Ms. Periera

Decorating the Tree

Last weekend the boys decorated our Christmas trees. There is the real one in the living room and the fake one in the boys room. The boys did it all by themselves and are very proud of it.

The MIckey Bus

Wednesday was Wyatt's first day taking the bus to school. The bus is called the Mickey Bus. It picks him up and drops him off at our house. When he got on the bus for the first time he didnt' smile and didn't cry. But when the bus dropped him off at home it was all smiles. And the next day he was excited to ride the Mickey Bus.

More Snow

Last Sunday we got a little bit more snow! The boys were so excited that as soon as we got home from church they changed their clothes and out in the snow they went.

Wells Family Pictures

While we were in California over Thanksgiving weekend we meet the family at Harveston Park from some quick family pictures.

Grandpa Ken and Grandma Sandi with the grandkids

Cassandra and Carlisle

Holli, Seth, and Tyler

Best buddie cousins Wyatt & Molly (double trouble)

Grandma Sandi & Grandpa Ken, I love this picture of them!