Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hunter's 1st Spring Soccer Game

Today was Hunter's first spring league soccer game. It was cold and windy, we were huddled up in the chairs with blankets. Hunter really likes the kids on his team this time, most of them go to school with him so he knows most of them. They did awesome today, they won 9 to 4. Hunter played goalie the first quarter and didn't let any goals in. The next quarter he played on the field and scored 2 goals, but he came out of that quarter early cause he was having a hard time breathing and coughing a lot, (the great mom that I am forgot his inhaler at home). His allergies are really bad right now. So Hunter sat out till the last 2 minutes of the last quarter and he went in and scored another goal. I LOVE watching him play, he dominates the field and is not afraid to get in the mess of kids and go after the ball. I think this is his sport.

He had some awesome drop kicks that cleared it to almost to the other goal, he's amazing.

He scored a goal with the shot.

Drive-in Movie

We don't do family nights of Monday right now since Tyson has basketball games on Monday and Wednesday.  So last night (Friday) we took the boys to go see a movie at one of the drive-in movie theaters here in Twin Falls. It was their first time to a drive movie. The movie that we saw was The Lorax, a Dr. Seuss book that was made into a movie. The boys had a blast, Hunter sat in the drivers seat, and Wyatt in the front passenger seat, while Tyson and I sat in the middle bench. Wyatt fell asleep the last 15 minutes of the movie since the movie didn't start till 9pm (when it gets dark).  We put him in a sleeping bag in the very back of the car while we stayed for the double feature movie which was Mirror Mirror. By the time we got home and into bed it was close to 1am. Tyson said he's getting too old for 2 movies that late. Anyways, we had fun and the boys can't wait to do it again. Great thing is that the kids are free and adults are $6 each, so it only cost us $12 to take the whole family out to a movie, and we can bring all our own snacks.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

For Easter we went to American Falls, ID (about an hour and a half from us) to celebrate with some family (Tyson's Dad's Cousin's Family and his daughter and her family, basically cousins). They have 2 kids Michael (3 the same age as Wyatt) and Rayanna (2, exactly 1 year younger that Wyatt). They kids had fun dying eggs, and playing outside. The boys and little boys went fishing for crawdads and tried to catch fish with a net. The big boys and Hunter later went out shooting for rock-chucks (really really big squirrels, the size of a huge cat). Hunter had fun, he said he blew the brains out of one. We had a wonderful Easter dinner with the family and enjoyed being in their company. Such a fun weekend! Thank you Hatt Family!
Concentrating really hard

Rayanna (2)

Michael (3)

Proof that I was there

Easter egg hunt

They have lots of chickens and Hunter found so real eggs that were hidden. The Hatt's were glad that he found them.

Fishing for crawdads. A couple minutes later  they were all in the water.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break in Utah

The boys had their Spring Break last week. Tyson went to California last Wednesday to help his dad with some projects, so on his way their he dropped us off at my Sister's house in Utah for the rest of the week. We had such a fun time. We went to this really really cool park called Neptune Park. It was so different from your average park, lots of twirling and spinning things, and everything was very geometrical. The kids rode their bikes all over and to the park in her housing track too. We also went to a place called Trafalgas it's a family fun center that my sister had passes to. Wyatt loved the hopper ride, Hunter had fun playing lazer tag, and riding the go cart with his Aunt Tiffy. They played a round of miniature golf and rode the airplane ride. Ryker climbed to the very top of the rock climbing wall. On Saturday Uncle Jeff and Aunt Maria came over for dinner and we played croquet, Maria won, then Hunter, then Jeff, then me. Tyson picked us back up on his way home Sunday afternoon. We had a great time! Thanks Hunter Family!

Hunter climbed all the way to the top

So did his really cool Aunt Tiffany
Cool Mom's play with their kids, not just watch them.

You can really get going in a circle on this, to where they needed help to stop it.

This is a fun merry-go-round. This is the one I flew off of with baby Briggs (we weren't going fast) but soooo much fun!

This is not the typical baby swing, it is really for older children with special needs. It's awesome that the park has things for them too.

All 5 kids Ryker, Hunter, Wyatt, Kendyl, and Briggs. The only one we're missing is cousin Owen in Mississippi.

Having fun on the springy, bouncy, teeter totter.

Some crazy pendulum swing.

My little cheater

My serious player who player by THE RULES

Briggs played too!