Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hunter's 1st Spring Soccer Game

Today was Hunter's first spring league soccer game. It was cold and windy, we were huddled up in the chairs with blankets. Hunter really likes the kids on his team this time, most of them go to school with him so he knows most of them. They did awesome today, they won 9 to 4. Hunter played goalie the first quarter and didn't let any goals in. The next quarter he played on the field and scored 2 goals, but he came out of that quarter early cause he was having a hard time breathing and coughing a lot, (the great mom that I am forgot his inhaler at home). His allergies are really bad right now. So Hunter sat out till the last 2 minutes of the last quarter and he went in and scored another goal. I LOVE watching him play, he dominates the field and is not afraid to get in the mess of kids and go after the ball. I think this is his sport.

He had some awesome drop kicks that cleared it to almost to the other goal, he's amazing.

He scored a goal with the shot.