Friday, August 28, 2009

A Mother of Boys

I am officially a mother of boys: Hunter got a Transformer from our friend Ben. It has been in the Robot position for the longest time (ever since he transformed it from the car to the robot). Well, low and behold, I finally transformed it into a car again (This is a big accomplishment since it has been sitting on our mantel for about a month). So any moms out there that need a challenge or a puzzle to do in your "free time" (Hunter now in Kindergarten for 5 hours) grab a transformer it is a great brain teaser. Thanks for the fun gift Ben

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Beach Fun

After Hunter's birthday party at the park we went home and changed into our bathing suits and headed down to the beach. We had a great time as usual, the boys got really sandy and usual and we had a really great lunch that our friend Jennylynn made us. Here are some moments of our once again sandy adventure.
Wyatt enjoying this big hole that someone had dug.
Wearing Grandma Sandi's glasses
Loving the Capri Sun
Tyson is such an Awesome Dad
I found sea weed mom!!!
Riding the dump truck
Such a happy loving boy
This was our silly picture of the day, that just makes us laugh. Defiantly not one of his best.
Don't you just love the sand sticking to his snot.
I love my boys, that are so handsome
Tyson and I
Hunter and Mckenzie digging a big tunnel
Emma, Jennylynn, and Josh
Our gang at the beach

Birthday Boys

It was a busy weekend, we celebrated Hunter's 5th birthday on Saturday, and Wyatt's 1st birthday on Sunday. They are 4 years and 2 days apart. They both had a blast and fun with their friends and family. Thank you everyone who made this a great weekend, and a special thank you to Amy for making the cup cakes and Hunter's cake, they were delicious.
Wyatt is really wanting to dig in
Let the mess begin
He stuffed his face
Giving his glow worm kisses
now his is trying to eat its face
He loved the tissue paper and packaging more than anything
His new toy
I can't believe his is already 5 years old, time sure does fly!
He tired to cheat at first, but we made him do it again
Hunter has fun at the park with all his friends

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last days at the Beach

So here some pictures of our recent trips to the beach. Once with Tyson's cousin Randy and his family, and another time with our friends Josh, Jennylynn and Emma. We of course had fun, especially Hunter and Wyatt. Hunter enjoyed catching sand crabs and jumping waves, while Wyatt enjoyed getting dirty, and finding seaweed to taste.
This is still somewhat clean
Look at that dirty noggin
Emma and Hunter
Tyson's 360
Holli came too
Hunter and Me
Jennylynn & Emma
Hunter Jumping in the Waves
Digging for sand crabs
Our family
Hunter and Holli
Sweet boys
As long a I have my Frisbee I am happy
or fresh seaweed will do
I just love my boys!
My Handsome Hunter
Okay, Wyatt spent half the day like this, for some reason he likes the feeling of the sand on his head. . . that was until he did it to close to shore and the water came up over his head.
This is what his head looks like after being in the sand
cousin Caroline
Hunter and Caroline
Jumping waves
cousin Kimmie
What a good lookin' boy
Cousin Andrew and Wyatt
Cousin Randy and his son Andrew
Finding more sand crabs
Hunter saying,"Holy Cow! look at this sand crab."