Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hunter's 1st day of School

Monday was parent student orientation for about an hour, and then we went home, but TODAY, Tuesday, is Hunter's 1st day of school! Yeah!!! I can't believe he is in Kindergarten. He has the best teacher ever, Mrs. Oddi. She plays the guitar (named George) and sing silly songs with the kids. Today at school they are going to be making a gingerbread man, Hunter is so excited. I will have to do another post of when Hunter gets home and tells me about his 1st day of school. Anyways here are some pictures.
Hunter and me on Kindergarten Orientation Day
Ashton (a girl from church is in Hunter's class too) & Hunter
Hunter and his teacher Mrs. Oddi
Hunter on his first day of School


Amy Snell said...

Oh my gosh!! He looks so grown up!! I cant believe Kenzie will be in preschool in a few weeks...when did these kids get so big? Dont blink :)