Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meadview, AZ

This past weekend we took a spur of the moment trip to Meadview Arizona to visit Tyson's Grandma and Grandpa and Cousins. We had a great time there, I just wish we had more time to stay there. Tyson's cousin Randy has 3 kids, Caroline 4, Kimmie 2, and Andrew almost 1 (he is about 3 weeks younger than Wyatt). The kids played so well together, and had so much fun.
The Kids
Wyatt & Andrew
Grandma Peterson and Wyatt
Kimmie, Hunter and Caroline
Fun on the lake
Grandpa Peterson
cheesing it up
Tyson's cousin Gary
Cousin Randy
Gray's fiance Sara
We had so much fun on the Sea Doos
Family picture after chuch.
Goofing off with glow sticks
Homemade Ice Cream, thanks Aunt Kathy it was yummy!
Wyatt found his formual container and opened it and though it would be fun to start dumping it out all over himself.
Tyson and Wyatt
Caroline and Hunter
Kimmie and Grandma
Me, Tyson and Wyatt
Wyatt went naked most of the time on the shore.
Hunter drove the sea doo, and would try to run over the ducks.
Caroline Wakeboarding
Hunter Wakeboarding
naked babies
Grandpa feeding Wyatt
two peas in a pod
Tyson doing a 360
catching air

doing a back flip
back flip
cousin Brian
finally asleep
Enjoying a sour pickel


Holli Kim said...

looks like you guys had fum :)

Bruce-Kathy Barker said...

I loved every minute of it. Being out with family is the best. Especially with all those little ones.

Gary and Joan said...

Well you did posted all the fun ones so I won't good job! It brings it all back.....what a weekend great yah! come again real soon! love every minute of it!

Casey Golledge said...

O my gosh I love love love that you put a heart over wyatt's privates. hahahahahahaha. cant be immodest now can we?!?!