Monday, September 17, 2012

Hunting Season Begins

This was Tyson's first time doing an archery hunt. The only thing he has ever killed with a bow and arrow is a bobcat and a raccoon. He said bow hunting is exhausting, fun, but very tiring. Now it time to package up the meat and store in the deep freezer.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Before Church

This Sunday, September 16th Tyson was gone hunting, so the boys and I were ready a bit early for church. We went to the college across the street and took some pictures. While there the boys found some sticks and of course had to have a sword fight with them and they had to bring them home. It was a great Sunday.

Their silly picture

He is our goof ball

Sticks = Sword fighting

Smiles for Dustin

A couple weeks ago towards the beginning of September Dustin started to smile. Now if we smile at him he usually smiles back. The boys love getting him to smile. Now he is starting to coo just a bit. He is growing so fast. At one month old he weighted 11 and a half pounds. Time sure flies when you have cute kids!

Dustin was fussy and this calmed him down, and put him to sleep.

Fall Soccer 2012

This fall Hunter's soccer team is the Vikings! He rocks the field a usual, and is so much fun to watch him play. Here starts another great season!

Dribbling and controlling the ball around the other players


Another GOAL!!!!

1st Day of School for 2012-13

This year Hunter started 2nd grade at Perrine Elementary and his teacher is Mrs. Smith. She seems like a really good, sweet teacher, and Hunter has a few friends in his class. Wyatt is going to his 2nd year of preschool at Harrison Preschool where they help him with his speech. He has a new teacher this year, Ms. Lindsey, and a new teacher's aid Ms. Stephanie. He also has a teacher's aid from last year, Ms. Megan, where when he saw her he ran to her and jumped up to give her a big hug. He best friend Elery from last year is in his class again. Wyatt is riding the bus to and from school, it picks him up about an hour before school at 11:30am and drops him off at home about 45 mins after school around 4:30pm. Both of the boys are excited to be back in school and learning and having fun with their friends.
My Handsome Hunter

Wild Wacky Wyatt

Family Comes To Visit

We has a great time with all our family that were able to make it here to Twin Falls for Hunter baptism, and Dustin's baby blessing. It was almost everyones first time meeting Dustin, and it was Grandpa Jay, and Grandma Stephie's first time to Twin Falls. I loved having our family here, it was sad to see them go back to their homes. It was REALLY had saying goodbye to my mom, I cried the whole way from the hotel they stayed at to my home. I can't wait to see them again. Here are some pictures of our time together other than the baptism and blessing.
If one of the Grandma's wasn't holding Dustin, Kendyl was.

Celebrating Grandpa Ken's Birthday

Celebrating Grandma Stephie's Birthday

My beautiful Mom!

Hunter didn't stay in the tree for long, a small swarm of yellow jacket came out of the tree and started biting him all over his back, hands and arms. He ran from the tree and jumped in the lake. I felt so bad for him.

Tyson and Uncle Jeff giving Wyatt and Ryker a ride

Hunter showing Grandma Stephie how to fish

Briggs tasting the sand

The effect of the blue frosting from the cake

We took the family to the Shoshone Falls.

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Maria

Grandpa Jay and Grandma Stephie

Out on the boat, but we didn't make it past the dock, the carburetor kept flooding with gas.

Dustin's first time on the boat

Fishing while Dad tried to fix the boat

We all enjoyed swimming at the pool at the hotel that Grandpa Jay and Grandma Stephie stayed in.

One of the many beautiful pictures that my Dad took of our Twin Fall Temple