Monday, September 10, 2012

Dustin's Blessing Day

On Sunday September 2nd 2012 Dustin Jay Wells was blessed in church. In the blessing circle of Melchizedek priesthood holders there was: Tyson Wells, Grandpa Ken Wells, Grandpa Jay Woods, Uncle Jeff Stowell, and our Neighbor Kyle Richman. Tyson gave Dustin a beautiful blessing, on of the things that I remember from the blessing was that he blessed him that he will be a spiritual giant. I have no doubt in my mind that he will, especially with old brothers to show him by their righteous examples. After Tyson blessed him and can back to our seats, he handed me Dustin and said, "He REALLY REALLY needs a diaper change". Apparently during the blessing he decided to go number 2. Good thing I put a oneise on him underneath his blessing outfit because there was a little leakage going on. It was a prefect weekend since all the family was up for Hunter's baptism the day before. Dustin I hope that you can follow the example that your father has lead for you. I love you Dustin Jay!

Tyson, Uncle Jeff, Grandpa Ken, & Grandpa Jay (and of course Dustin).
Dustin with Grandpa & Grandma Woods
Dustin with Grandpa & Grandma Wells
Hunter with Dustin

Hunter LOVES his SOOOO much!