Sunday, September 16, 2012

1st Day of School for 2012-13

This year Hunter started 2nd grade at Perrine Elementary and his teacher is Mrs. Smith. She seems like a really good, sweet teacher, and Hunter has a few friends in his class. Wyatt is going to his 2nd year of preschool at Harrison Preschool where they help him with his speech. He has a new teacher this year, Ms. Lindsey, and a new teacher's aid Ms. Stephanie. He also has a teacher's aid from last year, Ms. Megan, where when he saw her he ran to her and jumped up to give her a big hug. He best friend Elery from last year is in his class again. Wyatt is riding the bus to and from school, it picks him up about an hour before school at 11:30am and drops him off at home about 45 mins after school around 4:30pm. Both of the boys are excited to be back in school and learning and having fun with their friends.
My Handsome Hunter

Wild Wacky Wyatt