Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No Training Wheels!!!

When I came home from my walk this morning, Hunter was in the backyard riding his bike. A couple minutes later he come to get me, and ask me if I can take his other training wheel off (he took off the first one). So I took off his training wheel and told him if he feels like he is going to fall, to put his feet down. What do you know, the kid's a natural, he just took off, like he's been riding with no training wheels forever. We are soooo proud of him. He is very proud of himself too.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Can I Drive?

Wyatt loves to be behind the wheel, mainly to chew on it, but also because there are lots of buttons and lights.

Father & Son Campout

After we got back from Sea World on Friday, Hunter left about an hour later to go on the Father and Son Camp out with our church in the mountains. They had a lot of fun, and Hunter came home with soooo much dirt on him, I mean a ton (The bath water was brown!) Tyson said he was rolling in the dirt and dumping it all over himself.

A lizard they caught
Kayden, Bobby, Grandpa Great, Hunter, Grandpa Ken, and Tyson

Sea World

This past Friday, I took the boys to Sea World, along with Amy and her two kids Mackenzie, and Mason. We were only there for about 4 hours, which was plenty of time for the little ones. They all did great. Hunter wanted Shamu to splash him, so we sat about 5 rows back from the tank, and let me tell you, we got soaked! Wyatt was not a fan of getting wet with 50 degrees cold salt water. Hunter said, "Mom, next time lets it in the very back." That is fine by me. We had a great time! I'll add more pictures when I get them from Amy, these were the only pictures I had taken, because my camera died.
Wating for the shamu show to start

Shamu is HUGE
The kids playing in elmo land.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wyatt & Tyson

Wyatt is soooo much like Tyson when he was a baby. They are both very busy boys, and into everything. Here are two similar pictures of Tyson and Wyatt around the same age.
Wyatt climbed in the end table to get the cords.
Tyson in the dishwasher.
Wyatt with black watercolors on his face.
Tyson with black poster paint on his face.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Boys oh Boys!

I just love my boys! I can't get enough of them!
Hunter took this picture
He can really move fast!

Congrats Bobby & Chrissi

This past Saturday Tyson's friend Bobby got married at the Temeku Hill Country Club. Tyson was one of his groomsmen. It was a beautiful day, and everything was just gorgeous!
Chrissi, Kayden, & Bobby
The Groomsmen and the Bride and Groom
Me & Tyson

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Basket Case

Wyatt loves to get into our shoe basket, literally. He loves to chew on the shoes, his favorite are mine and Hunter's rubber sandals. He is such a silly, busy boy.

Elmo's World

Tyson singing to Wyatt the Elmo's World Theme.

Clapping Wyatt

Last Saturday Wyatt discovered how to clap on his own, all you have to do is say "YEAH" and he starts clapping.

Daddy Time

So I went to the gym tonight with Brittney while Tyson stayed home with the boys. Well, this is what I come home to. Boys with shirts off, Hunter with a Pepsi, and Wyatt eating red licorice.
He was sure enjoying it.
Needless to say, they both soon were in the bath tub.

Mother's Day

Well, Mother's Day didn't start off too well, this is a little how it went:
1am Wyatt awake with tummy troubles
2 am Hunter with an ear ache
3 am Wyatt awake again
4 am Hunter awake again
4:30 am Wyatt awake with a bad diaper rash
5 am We finally sleep
7 am the kids awake
9 am take Hunter to Urgent Care (He has an ear infection) and then we go to Longs Drug store to get his prescription and arrive at home at 11:45
12:15 leave to church

We then come home talk to my brother the missionary, then head out to Tyson's parents for Dinner. The men cooked the dinner; Chicken, steak, potatoes, pasta, corn, and other stuff. We played a round of croquet, and then opened Mothers day presents. The evening was good, the morning stunk.
Molly and Aunt Dani
Aunt Holli and Grandma Great
Me and Wyatt running on little sleep
Aunt Holli walking Wyatt around
Hunter and Uncle Tyler, having too much fun
Grandma & Grandpa Great & Wyatt showing us how he claps
Grandma Sandi with her Mothers/Grandmothers Day present

Pool Party

On Wednesday last week we went to Dani's parents house to go swimming and BBQ Hamburgers. Holli and Tyler came too. The water was a little chilly, Wyatt was the only one that seemed to mind. I guess it just wasn't like bath water. But he did enjoy the jacuzzi.

Another Day at the Beach

It was another beautiful day at the beach. Our friends Brittney and Josh meet us down there too. The boys both had a great time. Hunter played hard.

Hunter discovered you can swing the bucket without the water falling out.

Nothing like a Pepsi
I am my Daddy's child
Passed out on the way home

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beach Fun

On Tuesday Tyson and I took the boys to the beach, along with our good friend Josh Bergon. It was such a beautiful day at the beach. Hunter & I dug a bunch of tunnels, while Wyatt ate a bunch of sand, and Tyson played in the water.
Hunter wanted to push Wyatt down to the beach
The 3 boys
I just love their matching swim suits
This is what he does after he eats a mouth full of sand.

Licking the sand off his handEating it by the handfuls
Now time for some prunes and apples to help get out all that sand.
2 cute boys on a beautiful day
Hanging out at the park
Playing hide and go seek
We wore him out!
My handsome boy
Wyatt wanted to get that pigeon so bad
and Hunter wanted one of us to put the aggressive pelican
watching a seal down below in the water
on the pier
Having fun