Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sea World

This past Friday, I took the boys to Sea World, along with Amy and her two kids Mackenzie, and Mason. We were only there for about 4 hours, which was plenty of time for the little ones. They all did great. Hunter wanted Shamu to splash him, so we sat about 5 rows back from the tank, and let me tell you, we got soaked! Wyatt was not a fan of getting wet with 50 degrees cold salt water. Hunter said, "Mom, next time lets it in the very back." That is fine by me. We had a great time! I'll add more pictures when I get them from Amy, these were the only pictures I had taken, because my camera died.
Wating for the shamu show to start

Shamu is HUGE
The kids playing in elmo land.


Anonymous said...

Kendyl still talks about when we went to sea world with hunter. Everytime it comes up on tv, she says, "mom, that's what we saw with hunter wells huh?" That is fun that you guys went.