Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Well, Mother's Day didn't start off too well, this is a little how it went:
1am Wyatt awake with tummy troubles
2 am Hunter with an ear ache
3 am Wyatt awake again
4 am Hunter awake again
4:30 am Wyatt awake with a bad diaper rash
5 am We finally sleep
7 am the kids awake
9 am take Hunter to Urgent Care (He has an ear infection) and then we go to Longs Drug store to get his prescription and arrive at home at 11:45
12:15 leave to church

We then come home talk to my brother the missionary, then head out to Tyson's parents for Dinner. The men cooked the dinner; Chicken, steak, potatoes, pasta, corn, and other stuff. We played a round of croquet, and then opened Mothers day presents. The evening was good, the morning stunk.
Molly and Aunt Dani
Aunt Holli and Grandma Great
Me and Wyatt running on little sleep
Aunt Holli walking Wyatt around
Hunter and Uncle Tyler, having too much fun
Grandma & Grandpa Great & Wyatt showing us how he claps
Grandma Sandi with her Mothers/Grandmothers Day present


Jessica said...

Funny I spent my mothers day with ear infection fun also. Landon had woken me at 12:30 a.m. vomitng life is grand!