Monday, March 26, 2012

Latest Sewing Projects

I have been in a sewing mood and am almost out of different things to sew to get ready for baby number 3. These are my projects I have done this past week: a hooter hider, nursing strap clips, burp cloths, a big baby blanket, and a diaper clutch,
A hooter hider for nursing
clip onto any blanket for a nursing cover
One side of the burp cloths
The other side of the burp cloths
Burp cloths
Snuggle blanket
The back side of so soft, I love it, I know baby 3 will too.
Diaper and wipe clutch
The inside is lined with the polka dot material, It can hold about 3 diapers and a small package of wipes.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Car Seat Blanket

I had to make a matching car seat blanket to cover and protect baby boy #3 from weather and even more important, to keep people and their germs away from him. When I made the blanket with the brown minky trim around the edges it really makes me even more so want to make bedding out of this material.

Polka Dots underneath
Velcro straps to attach to car seat

Car Seat Project

So this was my latest project that took me 2 days. I started with the original car seat cover and stitched the whole thing, including the batting from the material. I took the material pieces and used them as a pattern and traced them on the fabric I wanted to use. I then sewed the original batting to the new fabric pieces. Then I sewed all the pieces back together again (like humpty dumpty). The bias tape was the hardest part for me, I have never used it before. The other hard part was making button holes, I've never done that either and let's just say the sewing machine I am using is so old that it is mustard yellow and I could barely get it to do a zig zag. The canopy was a challenge but turned out great. I then made matching shoulder pads that are reversible. I've spent about $28 in all the supplies and still have tons of material left over so I am now making a car seat blanket. I'll post that next. I love this material and I love how it turned out.
The Original Car Seat Cover
New and improved car seat for Boy #3

Car Seat from the side

Under side of the canopy I used polka dot fabric

Shoulder pads that are reversible (brown minky)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Saturday Naps

While I took Hunter to a birthday party last Saturday I left Wyatt with Tyson watching a movie. This is what I come home to. Yes, Wyatt is wearing his bathing suit and had flip flops on and Yes it was snowing that day.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Boy #3

Thought I would post a few ultrasound pictures. Tyson and I both are not a fan of these type of pictures (to claymation for me). Anyways here's a picture of Baby Boy #3's face, legs and arm with his hand in a fist.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Father's Day Banner

Got this one done early. I laminated the ties so they wouldn't rip (that's why it looks a little shiny).

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Valentine Stacker

So before I finish putting away my valentine decor I took a picture of the Valentine stacker I made. So here it is. My only Valentine craft this year :(
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St. Patrick's Day Banner

So I have been slacking in the crafting department. This is the only St. Patrick's Day craft that I have made so far this year besides a FHE kit (which was a big hit with the kids yesterday for family night). Thanks again mom for my circut, I LOVE IT! And for Valentines craft I only made a stacker (which I didn't even take a picture of, when I do I'll post it). Hopefully I'm start getting in the mood to craft some more, just need to find that motivation.
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wyatt's Drawing

Wyatt loves "W's" and practices tracing his name every day. Well, last week he drew a picture of himself on the paper. He has probably drawn over a hundred people now. I love these drawings where the arms and legs come out of the head.

2nd Wrestling Meet

Hunter did an awesome job wrestling today. He pinned 2 of the guys that he wrestled against. I love to watch him and cheer him on. This sport being an individual sport have I believed helped boost Hunter self confidence, even if he doesn't win the match he is still out there giving it a try. Last night I told him to not stop wrestling until the referee tells them to stop (last weekend he kept letting a kid up after he would take him down). And he told me, "But mom, I don't want to hurt him and he kept having a sad look on his face like I was hurting him." He is to tender hearted we have to explain to him that all the kids know that they can get pinned and there is a chance of getting hurt. I just love this sweet boy!
Waiting for the match to start

They always shake hands before the start the match.

The first kid he pinned.

This is a kid in his class named Carson

His second pin.

Hunter, the winner.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First Idaho Caucus

Tonight was the first Idaho Caucus. There were over 2,000 voters in the gym plus the teens and others there that could not vote. I liked how it started with a prayer and then the pledge of allegiance. Then we listened to a few speakers and then we voted and they passed around cans that we put our vote in. Then the longest part was waiting an hour for them to manually count the votes. If a candidate had more than 50% of the votes then we are done, if not then we would vote again with the candidates that got less then 15% vote eliminated. Thank goodness Mitt Romney won by 59%. It was a long 3 hours but fun experience.
Times this by 3

I had already put in my ballot for round 1.

The results

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Busy Saturday

We had a really busy Saturday! First Hunter had his first wrestling meet (which he had only had one practice before it). He did great and had a fun time. It's crazy how some parents get so into it they are down on the floor shouting at their 1st grader and telling them what to do (which they are not supposed to be doing, parents were told to stay in the stands). The last kid Hunter wrestled again had a crazy dad that was yelling at him when Hunter would take him down, it's so sad and totally takes the fun out of any sport. I'm just glad that Hunter had a fun time even if he didn't win every match. From there we took the boys to a canyon called Balance Rock Park. There we did a little hike and mostly fishing, I just wish it was warmer than 40 degrees and not so windy. Wyatt only fell in the creek to his knees this time. We caught about 7 fish and 4 of them were pretty big rainbow trout. Then we headed home to shower and had the Schiewe family over for dinner and games. It was a great day, and we had so much fun spending time with our little family.

Hunter the winner of the match

This is the poor little kid with the dad yelling at him, I felt so bad for him.
That big rock up there is why it's called Balance Rock Park.

We are down in this big canyon with walls of rocks like this on both sides.

Wyatt was so excited to reel in a fish.

We found this natural hotsprings on our little hike.