Saturday, March 10, 2012

2nd Wrestling Meet

Hunter did an awesome job wrestling today. He pinned 2 of the guys that he wrestled against. I love to watch him and cheer him on. This sport being an individual sport have I believed helped boost Hunter self confidence, even if he doesn't win the match he is still out there giving it a try. Last night I told him to not stop wrestling until the referee tells them to stop (last weekend he kept letting a kid up after he would take him down). And he told me, "But mom, I don't want to hurt him and he kept having a sad look on his face like I was hurting him." He is to tender hearted we have to explain to him that all the kids know that they can get pinned and there is a chance of getting hurt. I just love this sweet boy!
Waiting for the match to start

They always shake hands before the start the match.

The first kid he pinned.

This is a kid in his class named Carson

His second pin.

Hunter, the winner.


Hunter Family said...

That is so cute! It sounds like he is doing well. Chet wants to put Ryker in wrestleing so bad, but e have to wait until he start school i guess. Does hunter like it?

Sandi Wells said...

I can't wait to see him do this in person. He is so cute.

Casse.King said...

Yay Hunter!!