Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Busy Saturday

We had a really busy Saturday! First Hunter had his first wrestling meet (which he had only had one practice before it). He did great and had a fun time. It's crazy how some parents get so into it they are down on the floor shouting at their 1st grader and telling them what to do (which they are not supposed to be doing, parents were told to stay in the stands). The last kid Hunter wrestled again had a crazy dad that was yelling at him when Hunter would take him down, it's so sad and totally takes the fun out of any sport. I'm just glad that Hunter had a fun time even if he didn't win every match. From there we took the boys to a canyon called Balance Rock Park. There we did a little hike and mostly fishing, I just wish it was warmer than 40 degrees and not so windy. Wyatt only fell in the creek to his knees this time. We caught about 7 fish and 4 of them were pretty big rainbow trout. Then we headed home to shower and had the Schiewe family over for dinner and games. It was a great day, and we had so much fun spending time with our little family.

Hunter the winner of the match

This is the poor little kid with the dad yelling at him, I felt so bad for him.
That big rock up there is why it's called Balance Rock Park.

We are down in this big canyon with walls of rocks like this on both sides.

Wyatt was so excited to reel in a fish.

We found this natural hotsprings on our little hike.