Friday, December 23, 2011

Fishing with Dad

A couple weekends ago Tyson took to boys fishing in Rock Creek Park. It was the same place we took Grandma Cookie and Papa John when they came for a visit. Hunter insisted on calling them to see in Grandpa John wanted to come fishing since Nevada is next door (Hunter sees sign in town the say to Wells Nevada). They had good success and caught 8 fish. This time Tyson fell in the river (Wyatt fell in last time), we told Hunter that he was going to be next, but he says he will be careful. The boys love fishing, expecially Hunter, they were there all day and did come home till past dark. Oh and when the sun was shining this day it was 35 degrees in the sun. Too cold for me to sit out there, so I stayed home in peace a quite.

Not too bad of a picture taken by a 3 year old.