Monday, December 6, 2010

Firecracker Basketball

Hunter just had his very first basketball game this past Saturday, and yes his team's name is the Firecrackers, the same as his soccer team name and color this year. Tyson is one of the coaches for his team, which Hunter loves! Hunter made an awesome 3 point shot that tied the game (even though they don't keep score).

Hunter shooting a 3 point basket.


Holli Kim said...

how fun i bet Hunter is going to be a great b-ball player just like his dad i will have to come watch him play some time.

The King's Queen said...

hunter will b awesome. so glad ty can do this with him :)

Sandi Wells said...

I heard he made a 3 pt shot, that is so awesome. I will have to go to next game, could make this time. That first picture was cracks me up....their teethy smiles are almost identical. Two goodlookin' boys. Love them both.