Monday, December 13, 2010


On Friday last week the boys and I met Morgan, Dani and Molly in old town to go see Santa. Molly went first and did great, she did not cry! She would not look at Santa but she sat on his lap and didn't cry (I was totally impressed)! Then it was Hunter's turn and he talked to Santa and gave a smile. Then comes Wyatt. Morgan and to pry Wyatt off him and put him in Santa's lap (Santa did a great job keeping Wyatt from running away). Wyatt screamed and cried, and then Santa gave him a candy cane and that helped calmed him down enough for me to get him to say "Cheese" with a painful look on his face. He did better than last year, and next year hopefully he won't cry, or yet scream in Santa's face. After seeing Santa we went to Rosa's Cantina for some yummy food.
Hunter holding up Wyatt to peek in the window at Santa.
Glasses that make Christmas lights sparkle