Monday, April 13, 2009

Family Hike

On Saturday before Easter we took a spur of the moment hike up a mountain off of 79 South. There were some really steep hills, Hunter did a great job. We had a nice time just the 4 of us. Hunter caught a butterfly, and grasshopper, and Tyson caught a horned toad. Wyatt would laugh when the wind would blow and take his breath away, he also enjoyed chewing on a long piece of grass that Tyson gave him.

Wyatt eating grass

Our truck in the middle of the picture, just a little right of the dark green tree next to the dirt trail.
One of the many steep hills
Hunter took this picture

Wyatt passed out about 5 minutes before we returned to the truck
The boys with the Horned Toad, which is now in a bucket in our garage.
The horned toad


shanda said...

that is so cool. I love all of the pics. HOw fun I think that a hike sounds up my ally right now. The weather looks so nice

The Trapp Family said...

That is so fun. I love that we live in southern California where it is always so nice.

You guys are such a cute family! I hope you had a good easter.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures of the boys together are so cute! But I thought that those frogs were called horny toads? Maybe that is just waht Chet told me nad I believed it, and so now he just laughs at me or something.