Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wells Family Reunion 2011 Part 1

Mid July we had our Wells' Family Reunion camping below the Teton Mountains in Alta Wyoming (right next to Driggs Idaho where Grandma and Grandpa Great are from). We spent a lot of time fishing and more fishing (I have a ton of fishing pictures). Needless to say we caught a lot of yummy fish. So for part 1 of our reunion is pictures of fishing and our trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In Jackson Hole we went to their rec center and went swimming (they have a great indoor pool with an awesome slide that Hunter went on 33 times and Wyatt kept saying again! again! again! We walked around town and went into some fun stores. Tyson bought a PETA shirt that says people for eating tasty animals. Then we went to Bar J's (an awesome dinner entertainment chuck wagon) the 4 guys that perform are amazing. One guy told a hilarious story of Cinderella but would switch the first letters of the words like fairy tale was a tairy fale. It was so so funny (my mother-in-law speaks this language fluently, she totally understood him). If you're ever in Jackson Wyoming you have to go there.

Wyatt's fish (that attacked him later, stay tuned for the video)

While we were fishing Wyatt climbed into the back of the truck, got into the ice chest and found the eggs (they were NOT hard boiled)

Hunter gutting his first fish with a pocket knife that Tyson bought him.

He needs a hair cut soooo bad.

I love this one of Hunter helping Wyatt reel in his first fish.

The family (minus Ken and Sandi)

Jackson Hole

Boys showing off their muscles

A store with a ton of real animal skins (tyson said it still stinks, I took his word for it)

Cody and deer who just left on his mission to Mexico

Cousin Parker "marker" is what the little ones call him.

Grandpa Ken and Wyatt on the little kid slide. Wyatt had gotten up there and was waiting for Grandpa to get up there and decided to go down the slide by him self, which then led to me jumping in the water as he was sinking. Then he went back up to meet Grandpa Ken.

The guys at Bar J's (They are truly amazing. I love it every time we go.)
Stay Tuned for Part 2